Create a WordPress Site in Different Languages

Each new WP Engine hosted WordPress website is configured in English by default. However it’s possible to use another language with WordPress instead. WordPress has several resources and guides on how to accomplish this:

Change Language Based on Preference

If you wish to display your site in different languages based on user preference you can simply use a translation plugin, otherwise you will need to use a WordPress Multisite setup with a subsite for each language.

The best plugin option for translations is Weglot. This plugin allows for both dynamic and customizable translations, as well as SEO optimized translations so pages of different languages can rank on search engines. It’s easy to install and does not require a special multisite configuration.

Below are some additional resources you can use to work with various plugins which provide language support:

Change Language Based on Geolocation

If you would like to code different actions (like translation or different landing pages) to happen based on the geolocation of the visitor coming to your site, WP Engine offers GeoTarget as a plan addon that works with our caching system. For more information about GeoTarget and how to implement it, review our GeoTarget support guide.

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One install, numerous sites

With WordPress Multisite, you can build and manage more than one WordPress site per install. Save your time and energy by managing similar sites from the same backend.