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Atlas: The Future of Headless WordPress

The complete Headless WordPress Platform for absurdly fast dynamic sites

Achieve unprecedented performance with modern frameworks and the world’s #1 open source CMS in one powerful headless platform.

One headless solution. One price. All in one place.

Atlas includes dynamic Node.js and Headless WordPress in one package with your choice of modern framework. No haggling with multiple vendors on pricing, build requirements, or troubleshooting. Work with one trusted partner in WP Engine, recognized globally for award-winning customer service excellence.


Transformative performance

WP Engine is already the fastest Managed WordPress platform on the planet with a proprietary global network that drives unprecedented speed. Adding Atlas and Node.js to the stack increases speed by another order of magnitude, executing pages up to 10X faster than traditional WordPress. Developers can build personalized, omni-channel, back-end integrated experiences with blazing speeds as fast as static sites.*

*Typical results from independent testing

Flexible and modern headless architecture

Atlas delivers support for everything the modern developer wants: multiple server-side environments, auto-deployments from GitHub branches, both static and dynamic headless architectures, your choice of JavaScript framework — React, Angular, Vue.js or any other — and command-line that is 100% scriptable.


Enterprise-grade security

Decoupled front-ends served from an edge network are more secure from DDOS and other brute force attacks. Atlas goes further and provides both automated and manual backups to help protect your WordPress data. Atlas websites are not just faster for your preferred customers, but they are also more resilient from attack from bad actors.

The world’s #1 feature-rich CMS

By bringing WordPress into the world of Headless, Atlas is rescuing content publishers from losing essential features not available with other headless CMSs. Features like post previews, SEO optimizations, and layouts and pages the content publisher can control. With Atlas, the front-end and back-end work seamlessly together so developers and marketers can easily build, design and publish in harmony.


Get ahead of the competition

Discover how Android Authority increased revenue, improved Lighthouse metrics by 6x, and supercharged Core Web Vitals by adopting headless WordPress with the Atlas platform.

Global Headless Study

Check out WP Engine’s latest research on headless. Discover why enterprise organizations are choosing headless, the technologies they’re using, how much they’re spending, and what the future of headless holds.

WP Engine headless research

Finally, you can achieve dynamic, content-rich sites at the speed of static

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Corporate websites

With the Atlas headless platform, marketers gain the security, stability and performance needed to engage audiences with their story today, and the control they’ll need for updating and evolving content tomorrow with autonomous page editing.

phone users

With Atlas, publishers can leverage the powerful editorial and design controls of WordPress to keep pace with ever-changing world events, evolving their story-telling strategies over time without burdening development resources or sacrificing site speed, security and flexibility.

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Media websites

Leverage a content management platform for the channels of the future. Build robust audio, visual, and content experiences with WordPress and share them anywhere through powerful APIs.

Core Web Vitals

Learn about Core Web Vitals and how Atlas can help you reach your most demanding speed and user experience requirements.

Developer resources

A one-stop hub for headless tutorials, videos and reference documentation.

Take a deeper dive

Learn more about Headless WordPress in our on-demand videos from Summit/2021.

Fit for the future

Summit/2021 keynote session with WP Engine Founder & CTO, Jason Cohen.

Demo: Building Modern Experiences with Headless WordPress

Summit/2021 tech breakout session.

Why Android Authority is Betting on Headless to Captivate Global Audiences

Summit/2021 business breakout session.

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