Pay for WP Engine Services in a Local Currency

As WP Engine has grown, we’ve expanded into the global market and have customers located around the world. We’re proud to be able to offer WP Engine customers the option to pay for services in their local currency. Localized currencies currently available are:

  • Pound Sterling (GBP/£)
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD/$)
  • Euro (EUR/€)
  • Australian Dollar (AUD/$)
  • US Dollar (USD/$)

Pay in a Local Currency

Localized currencies are only available during the initial plan sign up process, or for those with existing plans who would like to switch currencies. Paying for your plan in a local currency is completely optional, and we will continue to support USD for any customer who wishes to pay in this currency.

WP Engine regularly compares exchange rates to accurately evaluate our pricing levels. The current pricing for your location can be found on the “WP Engine Plans and Pricing” page:

Convert to a Local Currency

If you are an existing WP Engine customer, you have the option to change from the current United States Dollars (USD) to any of the following currencies; British Pounds Sterling (GBP), Australian Dollars (AUD), Canadian Dollars (CAD) or Euros (EUR). To begin the conversion process, please visit our Currency Conversion Request Page.

With your request, be sure to include the following information for security purposes. If there are multiple accounts you’d like to convert, be sure to include the information for each account.

  • Account name
  • Desired new currency
  • An Owner or Billing level Support PIN for the account

Our Billing team will reach back out to you when it’s your turn to be converted. A billing team member will cancel your current subscription and provide a USD refund for the time remaining on your existing prepayment. After this, a new subscription will be created with your desired currency and we will follow up with more details on payment processing.

Any discounts for annual prepayments, such as the two months free for shared plans or eight percent for Premium plans, will remain in place. However, discounts achieved via coupons (which typically only apply to the initial purchase’s prepayment) will not be applied to the new subscription on your preferred currency.


While you wait in the queue, you will continue to be charged in USD. 

If requested prior to the change, a WP Engine billing team member can forecast your estimated payment amount based on all subscriptions and entitlements applied to your desired currency and recurrence.

This currency change is purely administrative and will cause no disruption in services or downtime. Please note you can only convert once per year.

Add-on Billing

All plan add-ons can be billed in your local currency.

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