WP Engine Plan and Add-On Management

The WP Engine User Portal enables account owners to make many adjustments to their plans through upgrades, downgrades, add-on features, and cancellations. This article will guide you in which changes are possible as self-serve options in the User Portal, and how to best perform plan changes.

When downgrading or cancelling services, it’s important for us to hear from you so we can improve all of our features. Platform feedback can be submitted anytime using our feedback form or during the cancellation process. Your feedback goes to our product team, who is always looking for ways to enhance our platform and delight our users.

If you’re experiencing a technical issue on your website, please reach out to our 24-hour Support team. Our experienced Support representatives are standing by 7 days a week to help address any issues you’re experiencing and are happy to answer any questions.

Upgrade or Downgrade WP Engine Hosting

We know that businesses change and evolve over time. If you’ve found your current plan no longer suits your business model, our team can assist in providing you alternative solutions. Downgrades will become effective on your next billing date. Please provide 10 business days notice to ensure that your new plan is reflected on your next invoice.

To review available plans, see our plans and pricing page. If you’re not sure which plan currently suits you, our Account Managers are happy to help with sizing requests.


Only Owners and Full users with Billing access will be able to downgrade a plan.

Depending on your account there are two ways to access the upgrade/downgrade process:

Option 1:

  1. Open the User Portal
  2. Expand Billing
  3. Click Invoice
  4. Expand Modify Hosting Plan
  5. Select Request upgrade or Request downgrade

Option 2:

  1. Open the User Portal
  2. Expand Billing
  3. Click Modify Plan


To ensure the downgrade can be processed swiftly, we recommend ensuring your current usage is within the new plan limits.

Migrations and Server Changes

  • When upgrading/downgrading between shared plan types (Startup, Professional, Growth, and Scale), no server changes are performed. This means no migration and no DNS updates are needed. Upgrades will performed immediately upon request, granting you access to the new plan’s features. To ensure a downgrade request can be performed quickly, ensure your plan is within the bounds of the new plan’s limits before requesting.
  • When upgrading/downgrading between shared and Premium plan types a migration will need to be performed for all environments on the plan. Migrations can be scheduled and performed at your preferred time, our Support team will help facilitate this migration process. Migrations do incur downtime, depending on the size of the site. Domains will require a DNS update if pointed using A records, and domains using CNAME records will not require a DNS update.
  • When upgrading/downgrading between two Premium plans, a migration may be necessary depending on the requested change resulting in a DNS update, however most changes can be done in place. You will be provided more information during the upgrade/downgrade process.

To learn more about changing servers or to view our data centers, see our full guide here.

Plan Recurrence

To change your billing cycle from monthly to annual or annual to monthly can be done from the User Portal as well. There are two methods to your update billing cycle, depending on your account.

Option 1:

  1. Open the User Portal
  2. Select Billing
  3. Select Invoice
  4. Click Switch to annual billing

Option 2:

  1. Open the User Portal
  2. Expand Billing
  3. Select Invoice
  4. Click Modify Hosting Plan
  5. Select Request Upgrade or Request Downgrade
  6. Click I’m only interested in Add-ons

Toggle between Monthly or Annual billing as desired. Any discounts will be applied automatically at check-out.

If you are unsure of which plan is right for your needs, please reach out to us via chat at the bottom of our plans page, and we are happy to help fit you to the right plan for your needs.


Upon agreeing to the Terms of Service, your next bill may include: Prorated credit (current plan) up to the end of the billing cycle, Prorated charge (new plan) up to the end of the billing cycle, or Charge for your new plan’s next billing cycle.

Purchase Add-On

If you wish to purchase an add-on for your plan, this can be done in your User Portal. Only Owner level users may change plan add-ons.

  1. Log in to the User Portal
  2. Expand Billing
  3. Click Modify plan

Available Add-Ons

Every plan includes 24/7/365 Support, Prod/Stage/Dev environments with each site, CDN, Genesis Framework, StudioPress themes, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, and advanced network. In order to help you run your business as easily as possible, we now offer the ability to self-serve many of our add-ons through the User Portal. The add-ons you can enable for your account vary by plan type.

Shared plans include Lite, Startup, Professional, Growth, and Scale. Premium plans refer to plans hosting on a dedicated server (P1, P2, etc).

  • Additional Sites
    • Shared plans can add more sites as-needed, up to a maximum from the Modify Plan page.
    • Premium plans do not have a site limit. If you believe you are having issues and need more server resources for sites, please reach out to your account manager for assistance with server resizing.
  • Storage
    • Shared plans can upgrade storage only by upgrading their plan.
    • Premium plans can upgrade storage based on plan type from the Modify Plan page. A migration is not required to upgrade storage, but be aware that if you have already purchased additional storage and wish to downgrade later, a migration may be required at that time.
  • Multisite
    • Cannot be added to Lite or Startup plans.
    • Can be added to shared plans Growth and above from the Modify Plan page.
    • Included with Premium plans.
  • Smart Plugin Manager
    • Can be added to shared and Premium plans from the Modify Plan page.
    • Pricing is based on individual licenses.
    • Included with Managed Hosting Plus, Secure Hosting, and eCommerce plans.
  • Genesis Pro
    • Can be added to shared and Premium plans from the Modify Plan page.
    • Included with eCommerce plans.
  • Global Edge Security
    • Can be added to shared plans from the Modify Plan page.
    • Can be purchase as an add-on by speaking with an account manager.
    • Included with Secure Hosting plans.
  • GeoTarget
    • Can be purchased as an add-on by speaking with an account manager.
    • Included with Premium plans.
  • Application Performance Monitoring
    • Cannot be added to shared plans.
    • Premium plans may purchase this add-on by speaking with their account manager.
  • Instant Store Search
    • Not available as an independent add-on at this time.
    • Not available for Startup eCommerce plans.
    • Included with eCommerce plans Growth and above.
  • Site Monitoring
    • Can be added to any plan from the Modify Plan page.
    • Included with Premier plans.
  • Page Speed Boost
    • Can be added to any plan from the Modify Plan page.
    • Pricing is based on individual licenses.
    • Cannot be added to Atlas plans.

Enable Add-On

Once you’ve purchased add-ons, you will need to enable the feature to use it. Use the following guides to learn how to enable and setup each add-on item:

If you have purchased additional sites or storage for your WP Engine plan, your User Portal is automatically aware of the new limit and nothing additional needs to be done after purchase.

Remove Add-On

While we work hard to create productive and exciting add-on services, we understand if a product no longer fits your business. We do ask that if you have any feedback on these services, please be sure to share it with our team during the cancellation. Our engineers are eager to improve all of our services, and your feedback will be shared with these teams to help create the products you want.

All add-ons, such as Global Edge Security, Smart Plugin Manager and Genesis Pro, can be cancelled independently while maintaining your WP Engine hosting.


Only Owners and Full users with Billing will be able to cancel add-ons services.

Remove Additional Sites

If you added additional sites to your shared plan, removing them from your plan will first require deleting the site(s). For a complete guide to deleting sites, see our Environments article.

Once you have removed the Site(s), please reach out to Support or email [email protected] to request a plan change. Please include the account name and Support PIN.

Remove Multisite

Before the multisite add-on can be removed from your plan, any environments which are currently multisites will need to be converted to single-site standard WordPress environments.

Please be aware that this process involves removing any existing subsites from the multisite network, which is a destructive action. We highly encourage taking a backup of your multisites.

Learn how to convert a multisite to a single site.

Downgrade Storage

If you’ve purchased a storage upgrade and no longer need it, you must ensure your account is within the new storage limit before requesting a downgrade.

Learn how to view your plan usage here.

In some cases a migration of your sites may be required. You will be informed if this is the case upon downgrade request, at which time we can schedule the migration for an appropriate time. Any migration may also require a DNS update.

Remove Smart Plugin Manager

Smart Plugin Manager is an update service. When removing this add-on from your plan, the feature will automatically be disabled on your behalf.

Remove Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring is installed and managed by our team on the server. When removing this add-on from your plan, the feature will automatically be disabled on your behalf.

Remove Global Edge Security

On initial setup, Global Edge Security required you to change DNS records with your external DNS host. Before disabling this feature be sure to remove the GES records from your DNS host and replace them with alternative DNS information.

We recommend repointing to the advanced network, which is a free service similar to GES.

You can also point DNS to WP Engine using standard DNS practices.

Remove GeoTarget

GeoTarget is a feature that is enabled on our platform manually, in conjunction with the GeoTarget WordPress plugin. To remove GeoTarget, we first suggest taking backups of your environments in the User Portal.

  • First, deactivate and remove the GeoTarget plugin from your WordPress Admin dashboard for each WordPress environment with the plugin installed.
  • Second, reach out to our Support team via 24/7 live chat in your User Portal and request to disable GeoTarget for any environments it was initially enabled on.
  • Last, let our Support team know you wish to remove GeoTarget from your plan and billing. Our Support team will gather your name, Support PIN, and preferred billing recurrence (monthly or annual) and create a removal request for our Billing team to process.

Remove Site Monitoring

Site monitoring is a monitoring service at a server level and requires no installation. When removing this add-on from your plan, the feature will automatically be disabled on your behalf.

Remove Page Speed Boost

Page Speed Boost functions through a plugin on the website. Once a license is released through the User Portal, the plugin will be removed automatically. After submitting a downgrade request to remove Page Speed Boost from a hosting plan (before releasing individual licenses), plugin removal will occur automatically for all environments.


If you ever encounter questions, concerns, or issues when adding or removing account features, please reach out to WP Engine Support, available via 24/7 live chat in your User Portal.

Cancel WP Engine Plan

We want to continually earn your business, so if you feel WP Engine no longer suits your needs we understand and make it easy for you to cancel. We’re committed to creating a WordPress platform that performs, delights and is easy to use. When you cancel, you’ll be asked to submit any feedback that you may have. The information you provide helps us make a better platform experience for everyone.

Per our Terms of Service, plan cancellations require a 30 day notice via our cancellation form or, if applicable, within a shorter notice period as set forth in the User Portal. After this period the plan will not be renewed and will be cancelled, access to the plan will be removed, and all content will be deleted.

While data removal and loss of access do not occur immediately, we highly suggest downloading backups of all your environments prior to requesting a cancellation. Learn how to download a local backup here. Be sure to download the backup zip to your local machine from the User Portal when it becomes available.


Only Owner level users can cancel a WP Engine plan.

  1. Log in to the User Portal
  2. Expand Billing
  3. Select Invoice
  4. Open Modify Hosting Plan
  5. Click Request Cancellation

To complete the request, fill in and submit the form.

If the Request cancellation option is not available on the Invoice page, use these steps to cancel instead.

  1. Click on your profile icon at the top right of the User Portal
  2. Select Billing
  3. Choose Plan
  4. Click Cancel subscription

To complete the request, fill in and submit the form.

Need more Sites?

Each Site includes Development, Staging, and Production environments. Get more Sites for your account as an add-on without upgrading your whole hosting plan.