WP Engine’s Advanced Network

WP Engine’s new advanced network is the fastest and most secure way for visitors to access your website. The advanced network utilizes our custom blend of Cloudflare features to improve the speed, scalability, and security of your website. Best of all, the advanced network feature will be provided at no charge to all WP Engine customers!

We will be granting advanced network access to accounts across WP Engine in phases during the coming year. Please be aware that once the feature is made available to your account, that you must next update to the advanced network for each environment from the User Portal, and perform a DNS change to complete the advanced network conversion process.

Update to the Advanced Network

An environment can be updated to the advanced network through the User Portal. This step ensures that the new and exciting Cloudflare features are enabled and ready to go for the environment. Currently environments must be updated to the advanced network individually, but the option to bulk update several environments will be made available in the future.

NOTE: After updating the network, you must also point DNS in the next step to complete the network conversion.

We are currently in the process of slowly entitling the advanced network feature for all WP Engine accounts. If you do not see a “Network update available” banner in the User Portal, like the one below, then your account does not have the feature available yet. However, it will be made available to you in the coming weeks.

  1. Log in to the User Portal
  2. Select an environment from the Sites page
  3. Click Domains in the secondary menu, on the left
  4. Scroll down on this page and locate your domain
  5. Click the button labelled Update Network near the domain
  1. The page will verify you want to make the change
  1. Finally, the advanced network CNAME and IP information will be displayed

After completing the enablement steps, you will be routed back to the Domains page. If you need to locate DNS information at any time after, you can do so at the bottom of the Domains page.

At this time nothing has changed with the way your website is being served. You must update your DNS records to the advanced network CNAME or IP addresses to complete the full network conversion process. 

Point DNS to the Advanced Network

The advanced network uses the same CNAME and IP addresses across all WP Engine hosted websites. This will simplify the DNS configuration process, especially when updating DNS for several websites.

Domain Connect will be available later this year to automate the DNS configuration process for the advanced network. Until then, you will need to manually point your records by logging in to your DNS host.

While a single platform CNAME is in contrast to the standard DNS configuration (where each environment has a different CNAME), it is still considered best practice to point DNS using CNAME flattening, rather than A records. 

Advanced Network CNAME: wp.wpenginepowered.com

When configuring DNS, simply use the new advanced network CNAME instead of your WP Engine CNAME (EX: environment.wpengine.com). To review the DNS configuration steps for CNAME records, see our extended DNS guide.

Correctly configured records for advanced network will look like this when using CNAME flattening:

Alternatively, the advanced network also has two A records available, similar to our Global Edge Security (GES) feature. If you choose to point DNS using the A record method, it is ideal to use two A records.

Advanced Network IP Addresses: and

The advanced network DNS can successfully be configured using either A record shown. However, we highly recommend configuring your DNS using both A records to ensure you are able to take full advantage of our Cloudflare load balancing configuration.

Correctly configured records for advanced network using A records will look like the following:

The following is also an acceptable configuration:

That’s it! Once your records have been updated with your DNS host you will have successfully enabled the advanced network.

If you have questions, or run into an issue, please reach out to our Support team at any time.

NEXT STEP: Learn how to point your DNS to WP Engine

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