When WP Engine acquired and open-sourced Frost—the block-based Full Site Editing theme—in 2021, one of our core objectives was to enable its widespread distribution to an expanding user base. 

By doing so, we aimed to help WordPress builders familiarize themselves with the Site Editor and continue our commitment to empowering the WordPress community with valuable tools and resources for seamless website development and customization.

In the time since, we’ve been busy doing exactly that. Frost has served as the foundation for educational content produced by our Developer Relations team, and it was recently released as version 1.0, becoming accessible for download and collaborative contributions via GitHub, while also joining the esteemed WordPress theme directory.

Now, as more users than ever are leveraging Frost’s exquisite design and powerful functionality, we’re excited to introduce the new Frost Blueprint for Local, which makes it easier than ever for WordPress builders to tap into the Site Editor and block-based building from the ease (and safety) of a local development environment.  

Frost: A Block-based Theme For Builders, By Builders

With its clean, minimalist design and powerful set of features, Frost enables agencies to build stylish and sophisticated WordPress websites that are also highly performant. Initially, it was built to inspire users to experiment with the Gutenberg plugin before eventually undergoing significant changes that have shaped it into a production-ready theme.

Now, it’s serving as the source of inspiration once again—this time, as a brand-new Blueprint for Local. Blueprints offer one of the simplest solutions for developers who like to reuse certain site settings across multiple projects, such as themes and plugins.
The Frost Blueprint includes a wide range of pre-built blocks and patterns including the Team Member and Text and Image patterns, and its many style variations provide a fashionable foundation for any new project. This allows users to truly harness the power and extensibility of the Full Site Editing experience.

Benefits of Blueprints for Local

There are numerous benefits of using Local, including the safety and security that comes with building sites offline, in a development environment that lives on your local machine. 

Another benefit of using Local, however, is the ability to preconfigure and save your own blueprints, which can include everything from themes and plugins to specialized adjustments. Blueprints allow you to streamline aspects of your WordPress sites and your development workflow.

You can choose a blueprint to work from or create your own blueprint for Local with the information found here.

Use the Frost Blueprint for Your Next Project

WP Engine is committed to empowering WordPress developers with the high-quality tools and resources they need to build appealing, performant sites, and the Frost Blueprint for Local is just another way we continue to support the community as they harness the power and extensibility of the Site Editor, now with increased ease and efficiency.

Find out more about WP Engine’s Builder toolset here, and learn more about our industry-leading WordPress platform at wpengine.com