To build working relationships that last, you have to put in the time. For growing agencies and freelance web developers, unfortunately, time is typically one thing they don’t have to spare.

When you’re juggling dozens or even hundreds of client sites, making sure they’re up to date and operating at peak performance often leaves little time for talking shop with your clients.

However, without regular communication, your clients may not understand the true value of your site management expertise. Making yourself and your services invaluable to your clients is the best way to ensure they stick around for the long haul.

Flywheel Growth Suite: Your Virtual Agency Assistant

Built specifically to meet the needs of growing agencies and freelance creatives, Flywheel Growth Suite is an all-in-one suite of tools that includes hosting, personalized revenue-tracking, automated billing and invoicing, and an impressive feature set geared towards showcasing the value of your services to your clients. 

But that’s not all. The client tools available in Flywheel Growth Suite are powerful enough to act as your own personal assistant, facilitating important conversations with your clients to keep them happy, informed, and well aware of how hard you’re working for their online success.

Your clients will gain access to their own branded client portal where they can make payments, provide feedback, and feel connected to your agency through a fully white-labeled experience. 

As a Flywheel Growth Suite user, you can also easily create and schedule automated client reports to send at your preferred cadence, helping you build an open line of communication with your clients that shows them the full extent of your efforts.

Once we started using the reports, I saw their true value. Now, Flywheel Growth Suite is what we’re using as the foundation for our communication strategy.

Ryan Rudolph, Chief Technology Officer at GetPhound

Facilitating Client Communication with Flywheel Growth Suite

The client communication tools in Flywheel Growth Suite consist of three separate components:

  • Client management 
  • Client portal
  • Automated client reporting

Flywheel Growth Suite includes an agency dashboard that allows you to add new client profiles, connect each profile to the site or sites you manage for that client, send invoices for recurring and one-time payments, and keep tabs on important client details.

The client portal is white-labeled right down to the URL, so every interaction a client has with your agency contributes to a cohesive overall experience. Clients can  pay their bills via credit card or ACH payments (ACH is currently available only for U.S. banks) directly through the portal and view their past payments as well.

The best way Flywheel Growth Suite customers facilitate communication with their clients, however, is through automated reporting. Automated reports allow you to create detailed statements of work that go out to your clients on a regular basis, keeping them updated about the important work you’re doing on their behalf. 

Include Google Analytics, site performance updates, hosting stats, and even personalized notes. Then, schedule all future reports to send on a recurring cadence that makes sense for you and your clients. Check out the video below for a quick overview of the automated reporting feature in Flywheel Growth Suite.

Start Building Stronger Client Relationships Today

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