Digital marketing is never static. That’s where Velocitize comes as a handy asset. A publication dedicated to informing you about today’s digital landscape, Velocitize keeps you in the know with all the trends in marketing today. Here’s this month’s recap of articles that can help fuel your digital success.


Read on for the latest on the future of marketing and Artificial Intelligence, how some Webby For Good winners utilized the power of social media engagement, balancing good content and SEO, and more.


Marketing that gets the job done: Q&A with Paul D’Arcy, Indeed

Paul D’Arcy, senior VP marketing of Indeed, on marketing’s place in product development, how to build a global team and why you won’t find resume-writing advice on Indeed’s site.

How to Balance Good Writing and SEO

Striking a balance between good content and SEO can be challenging. Velocitize covers a few tips on how to achieve that balance and how to get started.

Webby for Good wins show social media’s power

Velocitize highlighted several of this year’s Webby For Good winners and covered how each winner leveraged social media platforms and engagement for specific causes.

Voice, AI and the Future of Search

Voice search and digital assistants are aligned to make a huge impact on search over the next few years. Bill Sebald, SEO expert and managing partner at Greenlane Search Marketing, discussed these shifts and the future of SEO in a recent Q&A with Velocitize.

Neuromarketing and AI, a powerful connection

Neuromarketing has been gaining popularity over the last few years. “B2B brands achieve twice the impact with buyers when using emotional marketing, compared to marketing based on business value.” Velocitize took a deep dive into the growth and advantages of Neuromarketing and AI.

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