Anyone who’s ever created, configured, or customized a WordPress site knows the process can be a time-consuming one. Setting up your site with the appropriate tools, integrating with the latest technologies, and incorporating the right plugins can take weeks. Rather than focusing on creative endeavors or work that helps facilitate a memorable digital experience, a lot of upfront work can go into enabling the right framework in order to future-proof your site. 

At WP Engine, our goal is to help you win online, but it’s hard to win when your time is eaten up by the tiresome groundwork involved with site creation. That’s why we partnered with the best-in-class growth platform provider, HubSpot, to provide WP Engine Site Templates. Site Templates offers WP Engine customers the ability to quickly set up a new WordPress site environment with a curated set of themes and plugins that can be customized for unique site needs—all with just four clicks inside the WP Engine User Portal.

This solution can cut your site setup time by 94% and it can help you establish a strong baseline for your site as it grows. Keep reading below to find out if Site Templates is the right solution for you.

Set up your site in minutes using WP Engine Site Templates.

Save Time and Resources 

A solid foundation and thoughtful setup are essential to the future success and adaptability of your website. Still, site setup isn’t on the list of most-coveted developmental tasks. Site Templates allows you to automatically configure your environment and comes equipped with themes and plugins from vetted technology providers. This allows you and your team to move on and do what you want to do, not what you have to do. Here are some things you could do with that added efficiency: 

  • Build an affiliate shop 
  • Write compelling content 
  • Optimize your site for speed 
  • Work on perfecting your product 

Added Agility 

Enabling creative agility is only possible if developers aren’t bogged down by the hours of work required to set up a framework. 52% of digital experience decision-makers say that agility and time-to-market are key challenges in meeting audiences’ rising expectations for digital experiences. Expediting and automating these steps are prerequisites for optimal creative agility. 

Using Site Templates, environment configuration, themes, and plugins are loaded automatically—immediately reducing setup time. Site Templates also comes accessibility-ready and mobile-responsive upon activation. In seconds, you can have a site that works for everyone, on any device. StudioPress themes are also built-in, giving users the ability to auto-generate HS plugin features to match the styling of any SP theme.

Best-in-Class Technology 

Keeping pace with the right marketing software can be a daunting task. While all-in-one solutions seem ideal, very few customers like to rely on one vendor for all their solutions. WordPress’ open framework and WP Engine’s commitment to partnering with world-class technology partners empowers customers to integrate their digital experience platform with their choice of technologies. 

Site Templates include vetted technology partners and infrastructure so users can gain peace of mind that they are using the best available solutions. The first WP Engine Site Template to be released bundles HubSpot’s WordPress plugin with Genesis, the world’s most popular WordPress theme framework to offer a quick WordPress site build. These solutions are fully developed and supported by WordPress experts, relieving developers of the anxiety involved with downloading plugins and incorporating new technology. 

Get Started with WP Engine Site Templates 

If you’re a freelancer, marketer, or a developer at a small agency, Site Templates could help significantly reduce your setup times and allow you to get creative, faster. WP Engine Site Templates helps freelancers and agencies spin up a site in around four clicks. Get started with Site Templates today.