Notice: Atomic Blocks Pro (Beta) has a new home in Genesis. It’s now the Genesis Pagebuilder plugin and is available with a Genesis Pro subscription. To learn more about migrating to this new plugin, please view these docs.

With the release of WordPress 5.0 nearly a year ago, content blocks were introduced as a major update to WordPress’ default post editor.

Blocks are essentially chunks of content that are added to a page with the click of a button and offer options for adding headers, paragraphs, images, galleries, columns, and much more. This easy approach to page-building has quickly caught on as the preferred way for thousands of developers and marketers to build great-looking web pages with WordPress.

The block-based approach found in WordPress 5.0+ has redefined the process of creating content in the post editor

As adoption of the block-based approach has grown, so too has the list of blocks that are now available to WordPress users. In this expanding block library, Atomic Blocks has emerged as one of the most popular and most downloaded libraries of beautiful, responsive, and customizable blocks for WordPress. 

The Atomic Blocks free plugin offers access to 25 essential WordPress blocks, and with that functionality alone, the plugin’s more than 30,000 users have been able to build some of the best-looking WordPress sites on the web. 

Announcing the beta release of Atomic Blocks Pro

Building on the momentum of Atomic Blocks, we’re pleased to announce the beta launch of Atomic Blocks Pro, a premium collection of WordPress blocks that expands on the existing Atomic Blocks library with a focus on layout, and sections blocks as well as enhancing user control. Check out this video for a brief demo:

With Atomic Blocks Pro you can: 

Create dynamic full-page content faster 

Atomic Blocks Pro adds to the robust block library of an additional 20 section blocks and 15 full-page layout blocks. Each full-page layout is beautifully designed and ensures sites are responsive.

Extend your WordPress experiences 

Atomic Blocks Pro also improves and extends WordPress core block functionality by integrating directly with the WordPress editor. Additionally, all code is optimized to ensure AMP compatibility for mobile use. 

Control brand expression and messaging 

Atomic Blocks Pro offers the option to save and reuse blocks and layouts once you’ve customized them to fit your brand’s needs. You can also set advanced user permissions to limit what features within blocks and layouts can be edited.

Building with blocks simply gives you more control to quickly create and launch any kind of site you want. With Atomic Blocks Pro, that experience is greatly enhanced—through the use of expertly crafted blocks, sections, and layouts, as well as the added functionality and user control that’s now available. 

Atomic Blocks Pro adds a collection of beautiful, site-building blocks to your page-building arsenal, and helps you customize page layouts, increase engagement, and get results for your business. We’re eager for you to try it—click here to enroll int he Atomic Blocks beta today!

Want to learn more about building amazing websites with WP Engine? Click here for more information on Atomic Blocks, and make sure and check out the Genesis Framework for building incredible WordPress themes.