WP Engine is No Longer Accepting PayPal

Paying for your hosting at WP Engine should be as simple as hosting with us. If there’s a bottleneck in your billing, that’s as bad as having a bottleneck in your CDN, and we’re going to fix it.

Unfortunately, PayPal has become an obstacle to our commitment to a hassle-free customer experience for you, and to keep up with this commitment, we’ve unfortunately had to stop accepting payment via PayPal.

As with these situations, it’s never one single thing, but a stream of problems that affected various customers over an extended period of time. The problems ranged from failed transactions, which is bad, to duplicate transactions that billed customers twice, which is REALLY BAD. The time it took to resolve those transaction issues was a hassle for our customers, as well as our accounting department.

We spent a great deal of time working with our billing system because we always believe there is a way to solve the problem and prioritize a seamless  billing process – one that matches the rest of the WP Engine customer experience. Unfortunately, the solution for us at this time is to no longer accept payment via PayPal.

Going forward, customers must pay with credit card. If you pre-pay your account for a year, or have a premium account, you have the option to be invoiced and paid via check or by wire. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We’ll continue to examine other billing solutions and if we can bring PayPal back and keep the appropriate focus on our customer experience we will.


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  1. Glad to see you guys hammering out any issues that could affect our service. Keep up the good work!

    I’m not a big fan of Paypal myself. Any chance you guys might be using Stripe for payments?

  2. Dont blame you one bit. Correct move imo. Time wasted with paypal related problems violates proper 80/20 execution needed keep a business like yours running smoothly.

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