Pets of WP Engine: Rowdy Cosper

This week, we’re featuring Rowdy Cosper, the dog of Jason Cosper, WP Engine’s security expert.

Rowdy and Cosper live in Southern California, so she enjoys the so-cal lifestyle, and is fond of napping in the warmest patch of sun possible. Every hoodie she finds instantly becomes big, beautiful dog blanket for her to crawl into. Of course, while Cosper is behind the terminal, protecting your sites from hackers, Rowdy is usually running around to close other security vectors.

Of course, her name is Rowdy for a reason. She’s super energetic, but makes up for it with sheer adorableness. When she travels with Cosper and his wife, she stays the life of the party. Just don’t ask Rowdy if she is hungry. The answer is yes. Whatever you’re having. If she was tweeting, she’d probably call herself a #foodie.

wp engine cosper and rowdy 2