End-to-end headless eCommerce just got easier!

After launching the Atlas BigCommerce Blueprint earlier this year, WP Engine has doubled down on end-to-end headless eCommerce with the Shopify Blueprint, a complete headless storefront starter project that seamlessly connects to Shopify.

WP Engine's Shopify Blueprint in the Atlas Portal
WP Engine’s Shopify Blueprint for headless eCommerce connects seamlessly with your existing Shopify storefront

The new blueprint is now available in the Atlas portal, where you can add it to your existing plan or test it out using a free sandbox account.

Want to see it in action? Check out our demo storefront for a closer look.

Get to Production, Faster 

Working across platforms to build API-centric solutions has—until now—been cost-prohibitive for many eCommerce merchants. That’s because building this type of architecture from scratch can easily take hundreds of hours and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That high barrier to entry is where Atlas Blueprints come in, and where WP Engine’s growing set of headless eCommerce starter projects can flip the script, enabling site development, at scale, at a fraction of the time and cost.   

Like the BigCommerce Blueprint, the Shopify Blueprint streamlines production with end-to-end headless commerce for WordPress, allowing you to get your first headless eCommerce store to production faster. 

Both blueprints make it easy to create composable stores on a proven architecture with prepackaged plugins, connected endpoints, and world-class developer resources that reduce the challenges associated with starting a headless site.

Atlas from WP Engine

What’s in the Box?

The Atlas Shopify Blueprint is a complete storefront starter project built on Atlas and connected to the Shopify eCommerce platform, allowing you to hit the ground running on headless eCommerce projects without having to start from scratch.

Users of the Shopify Blueprint are already setting up the basics of their eCommerce sites in ~10 minutes or less, replacing a process that could otherwise take hours if not weeks when starting from square one.

Similar to the BigCommerce Blueprint, the Shopify Blueprint also extends the functionality of Atlas with the following: 

  • Complete starter blueprint with storefront: Built on Atlas with a Faust.js frontend, your starter headless storefront is connected to the Shopify platform. 
  • Preconfigured tools like Faust.js, WPGraphQL, and more: The Atlas Shopify Blueprint installs all your tools and provides demo content to get you started quickly.

One significant difference between the BigCommerce and Shopify Blueprints is that the latter does not store data in the WordPress database. Instead, all product data comes directly from Shopify, thanks to custom environment variables. 

Who Are the Atlas Commerce Blueprints For?

Both the BigCommerce and Shopify Blueprints can be used by any site owner or developer looking to augment their eCommerce platform with new front-end capabilities and content management tools. This includes:  

  • Agencies in need of a scalable solution for building headless eCommerce client sites.
  • Businesses with existing eCommerce storefronts and large product catalogs.
  • Online retailers looking for a composable approach to multi or omnichannel eCommerce.  

For all of the above users, the Atlas Commerce Blueprints can save valuable developer time while expanding business opportunities. Agencies can take on projects they wouldn’t have otherwise taken on and consolidate the way they’re spending their resources and development time. 

Learn More 

If you’re interested in exploring new solutions for your growing eCommerce site, the Atlas Shopify and BigCommerce Blueprints both offer a great way to quickly build a unified eCommerce experience across your customer touchpoints. 
To find out more about Atlas Commerce, or to learn about additional Atlas tools you can use for headless WordPress sites, visit WP Engine, or speak to a representative now.