Every August, NetDNA hosts “Speed Awareness Month” to highlight the tricks of the trade from industry experts on how to tune your website until it is blisteringly fast. Every year, there are a ton of great posts that go out on their blog about speed awareness month, and this year they asked me to contribute a blog post. It’s called Breaking Down Why Page Speed Matters on their site, SpeedAwarenssMonth.com.

The post contains research about how page speed affects conversions and revenue, and includes research that Amazon.com and Google performed on their users. The results are clear: Faster sites offer a better user experience, and this improved user experience of fast-loading websites typically means higher conversions and more revenue. Google also takes site speed into account, so improving the speed of your site will often mean an increase in your SERPs as well.

Check out Why Page Speed Matters at SpeedAwarenessMonth.com.

PS: If you’re curious about how to make WordPress super fast, you can learn more about WP Engine’s Evercache system that can serve webpages as fast at 15ms.