Every week brings fresh updates and news in the world of WordPress. This week we talk about the newly revised Gutenberg roadmap, embedding Facebook events on your site and more! 

Doc Pop’s News Drop: THE Revised GUtenBerg RoadMaP

This week in the news drop Doc discusses the revamped Gutenberg roadmap set to release in January 2018.

7 Key Tips to Boost Speed on Your WordPress Website 

Speed might be one of the most important components of your WordPress site. Ensure that users are having an optimal digital experience by utilizing these 7 tips to improve speed.

Sell on your Own Site, Not a Marketplace 

Embrace a challenge and start selling on your own site. You’ll experience more freedom, responsibility, and control than selling products via a marketplace.

Embracing the Microservice Architecture Pattern with WordPress

The microservice approach to web design is that each unit of the application should be its own program running on its own server or server network. This approach can help you scale in comparison to the traditional monolithic approach.

How to Embed Facebook Events on Your WordPress site 

Have a business event coming up and want to reach as many people as possible for attendance? Facebook is the perfect place to promote events; learn how to add Facebook events to your website or blog for maximum exposure.

Torque Toons: Dis-React-Ed Boyfriend 

How’d WordPress take the breakup with ReactJS?

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