Adding & Linking Twitter Content on WordPress

add and link twitter content on wordpress

Social media sites such as Twitter are vital engagement channels for site owners, regardless of their focus. However, splitting the audience (i.e. diluting them across several different channels) is usually not desirable.

By linking Twitter and WordPress together, you can increase both engagement and reach simultaneously. You’re also able to cross-promote campaigns across your social media, which could be critical to your website’s health.

In this post, we’ll show you a few different ways to add Twitter content to WordPress, and the various benefits. We’ll also show you how you can add your WordPress posts to Twitter and why you should do so. Let’s get started!

How to Add Twitter to WordPress

WordPress users will be happy to know that adding Twitter content to WordPress is simple. You can do so manually (which is easy enough, even for beginners), or with the help of different WordPress plugins. Many of these plugins also offer shortcode and widget options, for the ultimate in flexibility and ease of use.

In practice, you can add Twitter content in a variety of ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • Twitter feed widgets.
  • Live feed streams.
  • Follow Me buttons.
  • Share buttons.

These options enable you to fully integrate Twitter with your WordPress website and, best of all, interact with your followers and readers more completely.

How to Add a Twitter Widget to WordPress

A Twitter widget is essentially a micro version of your actual feed, which enables visitors to interact with you via Twitter without leaving your site. In our opinion, the majority of websites stand to benefit, including both small and large businesses. This is due to the overall control you receive, including where it’s placed and how it’s integrated into the site.

To add the widget, head to Twitter, then navigate to Settings and privacy > Widgets. You’ll be prompted to enter the Twitter feed URL you’d like to showcase, and select from either Embedded Timeline or Twitter Buttons.

To feature your entire feed, select Embedded Timeline. You can then customize the widget’s options (including size and color), before copying the code:

add twitter widget to wordpress

You can now return to your WordPress site’s backend, and add the code practically anywhere you’d like. If adding a feed to a post or page, make sure you’re using the Text rather than Visual editor.

How To Add A Live Twitter Feed to WordPress

A live feed is a great addition for many websites, although niches such as news sites would benefit more than others. It can help to offer followers up to the minute information, and it’s also a surefire way to boost user interaction on your website. Adding a live Twitter feed is possible through WordPress plugins such as Custom Twitter Feeds or Twitter Feed.

add live twitter feed to wordpress

The former enables you to display customized, responsive versions of your live feed on your WordPress website. You can choose to show your own WordPress Twitter feed, that of another individual or company, or even a feed of a specific hashtag. Even better, the plugin adds crawlable content to your site, which boosts search engine rankings.

add twitter live feed to wordpress tutorial

Another option is Twitter Feed. While slightly less popular than the previous plugin, it works just as well. You can add live feeds just about anywhere on your site, and the plugin even supports widgets and shortcodes. The caching features also ensures quick loading times for your visitors.

How To Add A Twitter Follow Button to WordPress

A Follow Me button is an easy addition to your WordPress site, both manually and via plugins. They’re especially useful for websites with frequent updates – an eCommerce website, for example. By adding the button to your website, your visitors can more easily stay in touch with your brand across your various channels.

To add the button manually, go to Settings and privacy > Widgets from your Twitter dashboard. Add your Twitter URL, then select Twitter Buttons from the display options. Click Follow Button, then customize how you’d like thebutton to appear:

add twitter follow button to wordpress site

When you’re done, click Update and copy the code. You can then paste it anywhere on your WordPress website (though we recommend a prominent position above the fold, such as your sidebar).

Alternatively, you can use a WordPress plugin to achieve the same goal. A popular choice is AddToAny Share Buttons:

wordpress plugin to add buttons to wordpress site

This plugin enables you to add follow buttons for many top social media sites (including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). To place your Twitter follow button practically anywhere on your site, you simply use the relevant widget or shortcode provided.

How To Add a Twitter Share Button to WordPress

We briefly mentioned the Twitter share button above, and they’re especially useful on websites with frequent updates, such as news sites and other online publications. The buttons are usually placed somewhere in your updated content – blog posts, for example.

What’s more, it’s just as easy to add to your website as the Follow Me button. Manual implementation is similar to the instructions in the previous section, but you’ll choose Mention Button instead of Follow Button:

how to add share button to wordpress

Even the plugin we featured, AddToAny Share Buttons, can be used to add a share button directly to your website. Simply add the [addtoany] shortcode on your site, and your chosen share buttons will appear.

How To Share WordPress Posts on Twitter

In many cases, you may want to share your WordPress posts via Twitter. It’s a good idea, especially for leveraging followers who may not frequently visit your site. As with some of the other options, websites with frequent content updates are ideal for this feature, although sites publishing regular blog content would benefit more so.

The best way to do this is with a WordPress plugin that automatically updates WordPress posts to Twitter. By publishing on your website, your post is also automatically shared with your followers. In our opinion, WP to Twitter is a good choice.

share wordpress posts to twitter tutorial

It’s not only easy to set up, but you also have many customization options. For example, you can delay and schedule Tweets from your WordPress post, and also add a featured image – you can even schedule and share your old posts.

While adding Twitter to WordPress (and vice versa) is a good move for many websites, it’s not the only beneficial one you can make. Another is choosing WP Engine for web hosting, as you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a managed host (such as free site migration and professional support). To learn more about our offerings, take a look at our managed hosting plans!

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