WP Engine Monthly Report

The WP Engine Monthly Report is an automated service. WP Engine customers. In the report, we provide insight into account activity, innovation updates to our platform, and what we’ve done behind the scenes.

The monthly report is sent to all Owners on the account every month. If you have more than one WP Engine account, we will send a separate report per account. This report is only sent for accounts that have been a customer since at least the first day of the previous month.

  • Sites Secured
    • Number of domainsDomain Terminology used to describe a domain name (e.g. www.yourdomain.com) as a whole, without subdirectories or file names appended. using the Advanced Network and/or Global Edge Security.
  • Additional Offsite Storage
    • Total storage from previous 30-days of backups. (Backups are not counted towards your plan’s total storage usage.)
  • Attacks Blocked
  • PluginsPlugin Terminology for a piece of software which “plugs” into default WordPress functionality in order to extend it for a specific function. Plugins will display under the “Plugins” tab in the WordPress Admin Dashboard. Updated
  • Updated PHP
    • Total sites and number of sites on latest PHP version offered at WP Engine.
  • Platform Enhancements

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