WP Engine Monthly Report

The WP Engine Monthly Report is an automated service for all WP Engine customers. In the report, we provide insight into account activity, innovation updates to our platform, and what we’ve done behind the scenes.

The monthly report is sent to all Owners on the account during the first two business weeks of every month. If you have more than one WP Engine account, we will send a separate report per account. This report is only sent for accounts that have been a customer since at least the 1st of the previous month.


If your account has been active for 2 years or more on our platform and if your highest seasonality month is upcoming, you will see the historic month of peak traffic on your account.

We also link to a Load Test Guide to help you test your site for high traffic times.


This section tells you how many IPs were blocked by our security system in the background. We keep your sites secure so that you don’t have to worry about malicious traffic. Learn more about our security environment.


This provides information on how many installs on your account are on the most current PHP version as of the data pull. You can learn how to upgrade your version of PHP here.


We present the number of active users on your account as of the date of data pull, along with a breakdown of numbers within each user role. This is important to the security of your site and to ensure that the right people have the right access!

Innovation Updates

This section will change monthly, containing helpful information about WP Engine, our products, key events, and relevant news for your account. We also include something to read and something to watch from our publications, Torque and Velocitize.

If you have questions about your monthly report, contact WP Engine Technical Support 24/7 and our team of experts will be happy to speak with you.

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