Host a Site on a Subdirectory, like “/blog”

WP Engine does not support hosting WordPress in a subdirectory outside of multisite configurations. This means you cannot host a website on WP Engine as

If you have a WordPress installation that is going to share a domain with another website you will instead want to use a subdomain setup like


Subsites of Subdirectory multisite installations can successfully be mapped to, but we wouldn’t recommend using a multisite configuration only as a means to accomplish subdirectory hosting.

Having your installation live in /blog is not recommended for various reasons. Traffic would need to be proxied over from the original server, which means if the server for your main site goes down, so will your WP Engine site site. In such an event, WP Engine wouldn’t be able to assist at all. The same holds true to any latency that may be present on the main site’s server, or in the connection between the two servers.

Using the /blog configuration on our platform will also bypass several key features that we implement, most notably the Staging environments and Backups.

If this type of configuration is absolutely necessary, WP Engine technicians will not be able assist during setup. Additionally, we’ll be limited in the amount of support we can provide for your site.

We do understand that there are a good number of users that prefer this configuration; however, we strongly recommend converting over to and using the sub-domain configuration instead. This ensures that you have full control over your site’s DNS, and you can make full utilization of our support and special features.

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Automatically update plugins

WP Engine's Smart Plugin Manager keeps your site secure by updating plugins for you. It also uses visual regression to automatically revert to a backup if an update causes issues.