Pets of WP Engine - Thunder McKoy
It’s Wednesday. You know what that means. Time for another WP Engine pet meme.
I’d like to introduce the hound that rules the pound (not really), Turbo McKoy (AKA Thunder Paws). Turbo is WAY happier than his droopy eyes would let on. He may only be a foot tall but when he lets out a bark you’d think he was huge! Of course, the only huge thing about him is his massive heart and ridiculously long ears. No, he doesn’t trip over them.
Like most of the WP Engine puppies, Turbo is obsessed with anything that squeaks and rattles. And you can expect a shadow if you’re holding a hotdog, or a corndog, or anything closely resembling any sort of food.
Everyone he meets he thinks is so cool and the most beautiful person he’s ever met. He returns the love 10x. The second he sees you, he runs after you like you’re his best friend and you haven’t seen each other in a year. Hopefully you aren’t standing near anything breakable, cause he’s going to jump!
Turbo is truly man’s best friend!
Thunder McKoy and Duke