Women’s History Month is an annual opportunity to highlight the contributions of women to important events in American history and modern society. 

Throughout the month of March, we honor women past and present for bringing new perspectives and ideas to the fore, pushing the boundaries of how and where women were allowed to participate in society. 

While women have been central to important events throughout history, their contributions have also been overlooked and underappreciated. Now, as we write the stories that tell our collective history, we understand the importance of accurately framing historical events, including the perspectives of those so often left out of the narrative. 

The National Women’s History Alliance has determined the theme of this year’s Women’s History Month to be “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.” At WP Engine, the women crafting the narrative for this month’s programming are the global leaders of Roar, WP Engine’s Employee Resource Group (ERG), which promotes and advocates for women.

Whether we’re collecting feminine hygiene products for local charities or building community libraries at our global offices, read on to see what the women (and men and nonbinary employees) of WP Engine have in store for Women’s History Month!

Promoting Women’s Success in Tech

On March 8, International Women’s Day, Roar hosted a session with Bridget Gilmore, Director of People Ops at Google. We discussed her nonlinear career path, building a support network, and leveraging the power of your unique perspective.

“Sponsorship and mentorship matter, and having a community around you who are smart and creative and generous will make all the difference in the world,” Gilmore said. 

“I can’t say that I don’t have moments of imposter syndrome, but when you push yourself and put yourself out there, even if it’s just digitally, you can start building the support network that you need to grow.”

To round out the month, Roar leaders have specialized programming in store for all of WP Enigne’s global office hubs as well as a way for our remote employees (who make up almost half of our workforce!) to participate. These activities will bring employees together as they try something new, set new goals, and learn new things. 

Whether employees are trying their hands at cross stitch in Omaha, creating a vision board in Limerick, (which was just recognized as one of Ireland’s Best Workplaces for Women), answering trivia questions in London or Austin, collecting feminine hygiene products for local charities, or simply sharing in conversation, these activities will help us build stronger communities in each of our global locations. 

For our remote workers too far from a hub to participate in person, leaders are putting together a GoodReads list including works by some amazing female authors! 

No matter the location, our employees are getting the chance to participate in Women’s History Month.

Why We Celebrate

WP Engine strongly encourages each of our employees to bring their entire selves to work. What does that mean? Well, put simply, it means that you shouldn’t feel like you have to suppress important aspects of your identity for the 40 hours per week you’re at work. 

In fact, we believe that when we take all our experiences, passions, struggles, and strengths into the workplace, we can be more creative, more effective, and happier at work.

We built our ERGs with this idea in mind. WP Engine currently has eight ERGs, each of which supports our employees in different ways.

  • Branch: connects caregivers within the organization and serves as a network of support as employees navigate the intersection of professional and personal responsibility as caregivers 
  • Embrace: provides advocacy and support for visible, invisible, and chronic disabilities and illnesses.
  • Flourish: provides an open and welcoming community for employees to seek and provide support; educate and learn; and advocate for one another on the topics of mental health, neurodiversity, and individual wellness.
  • Hue: provides a safe, open environment to promote, educate, and advocate for LGBTQ+ people and allies.
  • Open Hearts: the charitable arm of WP Engine, this group works at the intersection of passion and community need, focusing primarily on local health, hunger, and education initiatives.
  • Refresh: provides a global community of individuals who want to make a positive impact on the environment and affect change at the individual, regional, and global levels.
  • Rise: provides a safe and open environment to promote, educate, and advocate for BIPOC and allies.
  • Roar: provides a safe, open environment to promote, educate, and advocate for women in positions or industries where women have historically been underrepresented

Bring Your Whole Self to Work

If you’re looking for a career opportunity in an environment that encourages you to be authentically yourself, WP Engine has remote positions across the globe! Check out our careers page to find the right role for you!