Every week brings fresh updates and news in the world of WordPress. This week we talk a lot about Gutenberg, explore revolutionary plugins, explore the world of WordPress support and more!

The Best Plugins To Turn A WordPress Site Into A Powerful Education Platform 

The digital space has helped redefine how we educate. These WordPress plugins help make teaching more efficient and effective.

Gutenberg and WordPress in 2018: An Interview With Adam Warner

Due to page-building capabilities, users are turning to WordPress competitors.  The Gutenberg editor will help to close the gap and revolutionize content creation on WordPress.

Improving WordPress Product Support

A huge facet of the WordPress community are the avenues for users to receive product support. This article helps facilitate a community for everyone who provides WordPress support.

What’s Next For WordPress: Why The Future Is Great With Gutenberg

Want the full scoop on the Gutenberg editor? This article is part of a series intended for WordPress developers who want to familiarize themselves with Gutenberg development.

Torque Toons: Supply Chain Attack

Is it the flu? No, it’s just a supply chain attack.

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