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This week’s WordPress Digest features stories on Scott Arciszewski’s Medium post, how to install a WordPress plugin, using VueJS components, and more.

Doc Pop’s News Drop: Do We Need Key Signed Updates?

Scott Arciszewski, an open source security aficionado, wrote a blog post on Medium about WordPress’ auto-update feature. This prompted a response from Matt Mullenweg.

Build a Site With Me: How to Install a Plugin

On this week’s Build a Site With Me, Torque teaches how to install a plugin on your WordPress site.

Using VueJS Components With The WordPress REST API

This one is for the coders. With the code language VueJS, you can create reusable components and build a post list and a single post component.

How your Business can Benefit from a WordPress Website

There are many reasons WordPress is perfect for enterprise grade. It can scale with your business, is highly customizable, and looks great on mobile devices. Find out more reasons why here.


After a while, relationships will lose romanticism. However, on Valentine’s Day, Torque gave some ways to rekindle your flame with WordPress.

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