Every week brings fresh updates and news in the world of WordPress. This week’s digest is all about net neutrality but also check out a preliminary review of the Guttenberg Editor, how to effectively incorporate REST API into a mobile app and more! 

Doc Pop’s News Drop

Love WordPress news but hate reading? Watch above to hear Doc Pop discuss the latest in WordPress news, including an early review of the Guttenberg Editor.

The Open Web and the fight for net neutrality 


On Wednesday, July 12, dozens of companies and activists banded together to take place in an internet-wide protest for equal treatment on the internet. The protest has helped bring awareness and involvement in the fight for net neutrality.

Using the Rest API in Mobile App Development

Using the Ionic theme from Wonderland Collective and a customized REST API, developers were able to create a tailored mobile app experience in which administrators could easily manage content in their app. WordPress at the backend, Ionic for seamless content creation, and customized REST API endpoints are the ingredients for a flawless mobile app.

How to use the decorator pattern in PHP 

The decorator pattern takes a new approach to adding functionality to a class. Learn an alternative to subclassing that subsequently use the best approach in future situations.

Torque toons: battle for net neutrality

This week’s Torque Toon is based on the fight for an open web. Learn even more or get involved here.

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