Application Performance Monitoring for WordPress

Everyone wants a fast stable WordPress site, but how do you actually do that? It can be tough to find the fixes and improvements to make without having visibility into what exactly is happening behind the scenes at the code level. Join Janna Pyles and Will Li as they discuss real ways you can improve your site through Application Performance Monitoring (APM).

Experience Level: Intermediate to advanced

Duration:  36 minutes (includes informative Q&A at the end of the presentation)

What you’ll learn:

  • What is Application Performance Monitoring and why does it matter for your sites?
  • How to use New Relic APM to troubleshoot site issues and improve site performance
  • WordPress specific tips and tricks to improve site speed and stability through APM

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Note: Application Performance is available for purchase as a bundle for WP Engine Enterprise and Premium plan customers only

Expert Speakers:

Will Li, New RelicWill Li
Senior Sales Engineer
New Relic



Janna Pyles, WP EngineJanna Pyles
Site Performance SME
WP Engine




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