Headless WordPress Scope of Support

Headless WordPress includes dynamic Node.js and Headless WordPress in one package with your choice of modern framework. Gone are the days of haggling with multiple vendors on pricing, build requirements, or troubleshooting. Work with one trusted partner in WP Engine, recognized globally for award-winning customer service excellence.

In this article we’ll discuss the WP Engine Headless WordPress Scope of Support; what we’re able to assist you with and what we are unable to assist you with, as well as where to find more information.

To learn more about Headless WordPress and to get started, see the WP Engine Developers guide at: https://developers.wpengine.com/ 


Each WP Engine Support tech is an experienced WordPress expert and understands both the platform and WordPress website performance. While our team cannot actually do configuration and customization work for you, our experience and knowledge does allow us to provide general guidance and troubleshooting support when using the Headless WordPress platform.

With that in mind, our team can assist you with the following Headless WordPress issues:


See WP Engine Scope of Support for more information about WP Engine’s general Support limitations.


WP Engine Support technicians are experienced and trained extensively in both WordPress and WP Engine platform features. Our Support team, however, are not developers and therefore are unable to provide assistance with requests that would be better served by a coding professional.

It’s important to understand what we’re unable to help with to ensure you’re getting the best support possible and the fastest resolution to any issues that may arise.

What that in mind, our team cannot assist you with the following Headless WordPress issues:

  • Troubleshooting custom code
  • GraphQL or other non-standard API
  • Formulating/Troubleshooting queries or functionality
  • Development issues or concerns
    • Should I use X?
    • Should I upgrade X?
    • What’s the best way to deploy my code?
  • Bundling issues or concerns
    • Will X work with Y?


See WP Engine Scope of Support for more information.

Resources and Information

Customers using Headless WordPress sandbox accounts do not have access to WP Engine’s support technicians. We recommend taking a look at the resources listed below for more guidance.

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