Add Git SSH Key to an Environment

In order to set up git push integration with WP Engine, you need to add your SSH public key through our User Portal. For more information on Git Push with WP Engine, view our documentation. After generating your SSH Public Key you will add it to the environment of your choice in the User Portal. If you need help generating an SSH public key, check out the shell-based instructions on GitHub Help: Generating SSH Keys

NOTE: If you already have an SSH key, we highly advise using a separate key for GIT than used for SSH.

Add New SSH Key

  1. Log in to the User Portal
  2. Click on the environment name you wish to add the SSH key to
  3. Click Git push
  4. Fill in your developer name
    • You will want to choose a username that is a good way to identify who the key belongs to, such as environment name, hyphen, last name then first initial: mysite-smithj
    • If you choose a username that is already in use, you will receive an error and will be prompted to choose another username.
  5. Add your SSH public key
    • Ensure there are no extra spaces or line breaks before or after the key.
    • If you receive an error please ensure you are copying directly from the file that is created when following the Generating SSH Keys instructions.

Add Existing Git User

Once you have setup a key the first time it can be added to additional environments by adding the key and full username (acoolsite-myname in our example above) to the new environment, you will receive confirmation at the top of the screen that it has been added.

If you attempt to add a key that already exists but provide a different username, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to add the existing username to the install.

Remove Users

  1. Log in to the User Portal
  2. Click on the environment name you wish to add the SSH key to
  3. Click Git push
  4. Scroll to Current developers
  5. Click Remove next to the developer you wish to revoke access

NOTE: Their key can also be copied to your computer’s clipboard for addition to other environments using Copy key.

Should you see an environment name that doesn’t match yours, please keep in mind that the developer keys are often created with the name of the original environment as part of an identifier for the developer. Some of your developers may have developer keys that are tied to environments that are not associated with your account. This does not grant the owners of the referenced environment any unauthorized access to your account, nor does it grant you any unauthorized access to theirs.

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