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We all have our unique strengths and abilities. But this is much more than just a job. We love making things – different things – in different ways. Our passion for innovation means that we get bored if we do the same thing in the same way, day in and day out.

We’re here to find new ways to solve problems with new ideas. Tools, trends, and technologies are constantly evolving. And finding ways to incorporate those elements into real solutions for our clients and partners is what gets us out of bed each morning.

Migration Support, Headless, Web Design & Development
Dallas, Texas, United States

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Featured portfolio items

Choctaw Casinos & Resorts

Choctaw Casinos & Resorts offers an escape from the humdrum with a chance to win big, see exciting shows, or relax poolside. But their website was slow, cumbersome, and lacking pizzazz.

Enter Click Here Labs. Armed with key analytics and design ideas, we brought fresh eyes to the site architecture to better align content with user expectations.

Now a homepage video intro kick-starts the action. It conveys the motion and sense of glamour of casino magic. With scrolling and sticky navigation, all critical details for a road trip are finally in one place. This includes simple ways to book a stay or filter events and promotions for a specific casino. An interactive map pinpoints all Choctaw properties.

Information on the Rewards Club and meeting bookings are a breeze to find, and the interior pages are artfully redesigned to deliver more visual excitement and useful planning nuggets.

The site was rebuilt using WordPress and WP Engine’s Enterprise Amazon Web Services environment. The CMS allows the client to easily add content, including a heavy rotation of concert and gaming specials for the various locations. And the site is much faster and able to effortlessly handle any surge in visitor traffic.

Diamond C Trailers

Texas-based flatbed manufacturer Diamond C Trailers needed a website with a refined ordering process.

Customers were required to call a dealer to find a match for their needs, and the dealer (with a catalog) tried to find one.

With more than 40 models and a truckload of options for each, pinpointing what you wanted with a call and a catalog was a treasure hunt.

And when specs were complete, the dealer would have to fill out the request and contact Diamond C to build. If you were among the 160 dealers stocking inventory, the hunt/order process was the same.

So our main job was to create a configuration tool on the site, allowing the public, dealers, and client’s sales team to construct custom trailers via a few clicks.

The big challenge was UX, creating the tool’s road map because of the depth of logic involved. Once done, our dev team built the configuration tool, using a WordPress Entities Manager plugin customized to support Diamond C’s structured needs.

We also upgraded the dealer portal and added a job application feature.

Within two months of the new site going live, Diamond C had over 1,100 submissions through the configuration tool, as well as more than 600 warranty registrations and 80 job applications.

Gunner Roofing

Connecticut-based Gunner Roofing, which also serves parts of New York and New Jersey, sought a website redesign to freshen the look, promote two new lines of business, accent their customer service reputation, and improve search visibility.

The moderate scope of the Gunner site would offer a perfect opportunity to showcase our versatility. We regularly look for ways to employ our team’s talents and smarts beyond their primary disciplines.

So we enlisted a studio designer to compose the creative concepts, as usual, but also to develop the site once assets were approved by the client. The WordPress Genesis framework was the central development tool utilized.

This helped keep costs down for the client, who still wanted a flexible site that could expand as business and service offerings grew.

To help address Gunner’s search deficiencies, we reviewed their chief competitors in the tri-state battleground, then executed a comprehensive search engine optimization gameplan. We also gave prominent copy space to highlight Gunner’s customer service.

The client was pleased with the results. Not only had Gunner lifted their business and customer service focus, they also saw some organic search traction almost immediately.

The Salvation Army Kroc Centers

The Salvation Army operates many state-of-the-art community centers named for Ray Kroc, the businessman and philanthropist behind the McDonald’s restaurant chain.

With a CMS that no longer met their needs, The Salvation Army needed a solution capable of managing the Midwest Kroc Center sites and each center’s unique content needs. They also wanted to integrate class and program content from their existing member management system.

We recommended WordPress for its flexibility and ease of use, then built a multisite instance on the Atlas platform allowing each center to manage its site while taking advantage of common content and user interface elements across all sites.

The clients still could use their existing member management system, as we were able to utilize triggers in WordPress to display lists of programs, calendars, and other information in addition to allowing customers to sign up for memberships and classes.

Previously, the staff at each center had to publish site content and managing program information and memberships in separate systems. The new system greatly reduced the time and effort required to manage these and has freed the staff to spend more time serving customers.

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