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V3 Media Group is primarily a digital marketing firm, creating solutions online and through digital graphics. Typically, we spend the majority of our time in 3 main areas: website design & development, SEO & digital public relations, and video production.

We have worked with clients ranging from orthopedic surgeons, non-profits, and clothing boutiques to large universities, injection molding manufacturers, and commercial construction companies. Each different business offers engaging challenges and opportunities for our team of designers to think through a fully-functional conceptual design that works for mobile devices, desktops, and everything in between.

eCommerce, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising, Data Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Video & Photo Production, Web Design & Development, Website Maintenance
Opelika, Alabama, United States

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Featured portfolio items

Lee County District Attorney

Looking at the competitors for Lee County District Attorney, we discovered that there was a void of professional, business-minded website designs for District Attorneys. Service industry designs have been moving to uber-corporate, buttoned-up designs for the past few years, and instead of going fully in that direction, we wanted to present the Lee County District Attorney brand as one that offers quality on a higher level than the available competitors.

Not every District Attorney offers the same services and brands, and a common tool for marketers to lend credibility to a brand in a new location is to showcase reputable partners. For the Lee County District Attorney, we were able to leverage the large provider logos and custom iconography for different services. These different pieces of design create cleaner lines and a more organized layout for users, instilling more trustworthy elements for a user.

Janelle Williams & Associates

Most of the real estate industry has listings dominated by 3rd party directories like Realtor.com, Zillow, and more. In order to make sure an individual real estate agency’s website stands out from the other directories of listings out there, we wanted to make sure we focused on the individual team members and services that separate what Janelle & her team can offer a prospective buyer/seller.

We knew we wanted the design to feel light, airy, and clean. Whenever you’re representing a brand that wants to emphasize professionalism and a “value-add” business model, we focus on clean lines, bright imagery, and an overall clutterless aesthetic.

Auburn Facilities Management

Looking at other facilities departments across other high-profile universities, we were able to identify a few different design and functional ideas that we wanted to implement our own variation of. In conjunction with the priorities that AUFM dictated to us, we were able to create a functional design flow that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional to the user.

In order to make sure the Facilities user can easily navigate throughout the robust sitemap, we designed a variety of custom function and design elements to make sure the user never felt lost or cluttered. Whether it was an idea as simple as breadcrumbs, a standardized multiple-row menu, or reducing the content on a given page, we made sure the streamline the content flow as much as possible.

With as large of a sitemap the Facilities website has, we knew that the user would potentially find navigation confusing. By using the existing behavioral flow and reworking the sitemap of the website with parent pages, child pages, and more, we were able to give the user a more effective experience. Using data to make educated decisions has a direct impact in the bounce rate, session duration, and overall user engagement on the website.

Woodhaven Custom Calls

With the outdoor industry having many specific design ideas and functions that are relatively ubiquitous on websites, we have a clear roadmap for what the average user would expect when visiting the Woodhaven website. Using this information in conjunction with all of the analytic data we’ve accumulated over the years with product, category, and abandon cart information, we were able to create a consolidated vision for the design.

We knew that most of the users that purchase from Woodhaven will have a couple of demographic markers in common, and most of those markers flesh themselves out in the necessity for quick lines to checkout. While this idea is commonplace for most e-commerce stores, the average outdoorsman that would purchase a product form Woodhaven is the prototypical example. This idea led us to emphasize the “buy with one click,” and other automated tools to help speed the user through the purchase process.

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