WP Engine is proud to announce that we are expanding our presence across the globe and opening our newest office in Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane is home to a tech scene that is coming of age and represents the climate and affordability of a great place to be. WP Engine will be opening their office in Brisbane is right behind ChinaTown, which was part of the movie set in Jackie Chan’s First Strike.

We wanted to share some fun facts about Brisbane to help familiarize our community with WP Engine’s newest hub.  

It’s Big And Getting Bigger

Brisbane, also known as “Brizzie” or “Bris-Vegas” is the third largest city in Australia with approximately 2.5 million people. The state of Queensland has an area of 1,727,000 square kilometers and is the second largest state in Australia. To put that in context – that’s 2.5 times the size of Texas. Plus, Brisbane is a city very much on the rise. Brisbane has the largest population growth of any capital city in Australia and attracts immigrants from all over the world. Nearly a third of all Queenslanders are immigrants or the children of immigrants.

It’s Home To An Underground Opera Circuit

There’s nothing illegal about this underground ring! In Brisbane, you can have the one of a kind experience of experiencing opera in a non-traditional venue. Hear extraordinary performances in working mines, tunnels, caves, castles, airplane hangars, power stations and on islands. Get glamorous and experience stunning opera performances in an unforgettable venue.

Winter Is Not Coming

Brisbane is a literal subtropical paradise. The city receives 283 days of sunlight every year and each day is accompanied by an average of 8 to 9 hours of sunlight. The warmest month of the year is January with an average temperature of 26°C (78°F) and the coldest month of the year is July with an average temperature of 15°C (59°F).

There’s A Beach in the Streets

A Brisbane icon, Streets Beach is a man-made, inner-city beach in the heart of the consisting of 2,000 square meters of free-formed concrete surrounded by 4,000 cubic meters of sand. Brisbane residents can go from work to the beach in just a short walk. Streets Beach is located in South Bank Parklands and is adjacent to grassed areas, a rainforest, and plazas.

Additionally, Brisbane is within driving distance of the three largest sand islands in the world, Fraser Island, Stradbroke Island and Moreton Island. Here you can swim in freshwater lakes, feed wild dolphins and go whale watching or sand tobogganing.

It’s Home To The First Ever Lamington

The chocolate lamington is as much an Australian icon as kangaroos, koalas, and Vegemite. The lamington is a sponge cake dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with coconut and was discovered accidentally in Brisbane in late 1800s. The culinary icon came to be when a maidservant to Lord Lamington, the Governor of Queensland, dropped the Governor’s favorite sponge cake in melted chocolate and Lord Lamington suggested it be covered in coconut to avoid messy fingers. Yum!

WP Engine is hiring in Brisbane! For career opportunities, visit our website!