Since 2010, WP Engine has been powering some of the best hosting solutions and site development tools in WordPress. In the 13 years since our founding, our team has hit many milestones, and few hold as much weight as our more than two dozen global Great Place to Work certifications.

Today is Great Place to Work’s annual Certification Day—the day when certified companies celebrate their achievements and recognize their organization’s commitment to creating a positive work environment.

In honor of this annual celebration, we’re looking back at some of WP Engine’s most important milestones on our Great Place to Work journey and highlighting some of our most monumental certifications.

What is Great Place to Work?

Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture. The company’s origins trace back to 1988 and the publication of a book titled “A Great Place to Work: What Makes Some Employers So Good and Most So Bad.”

A few years later, the book’s author, Robert Levering, co-founded an entire organization dedicated to identifying and acknowledging exceptional workplaces—first in America and later on a global scale.

In the years since, Great Place to Work has evolved into the leading arbiter of workplace culture, offering consulting services, conducting research, and providing certifications to businesses that share a commitment to fostering a positive, employee-centric work environment. 

The data they collect through their Trust Index Survey™ is used to evaluate employee satisfaction and trust in leadership, and it sets a global standard for quantifying the employee experience.

WP Engine’s Top Five Great Place to Work Moments

While WP Engine has earned more than two dozen certifications and been placed on numerous Best Workplaces lists throughout the years, there have been a few standout moments from our history with Great Place to Work. 

Here are five of our most monumental certification moments to date!

2017: WP Engine is Great Place to Work Certified for the First Time

In 2017, WP Engine was recognized by Great Place to Work for the first time. This was a major accolade for the company as WP Engine has always been laser focused on building an inclusive work environment where all of our employees can bring their full selves to work every day. 

We submitted an application for consideration and earned two certifications. WP Engine was ranked #45 on Great Place to Work’s list of Best Medium Workplaces and #79 on their list of Best Workplaces for Millennials.

2018: WP Engine Earns a Great Place to Work in Technology Certification for the First Time

As a technology company, this was a huge win, both for our team and for our reputation as a leader in WordPress hosting excellence. WP Engine broke into the top 10, ranking ninth on the list of 20 excellent technology companies in the small to medium size category, placing us alongside other big names in the industry such as Asana, Justworks, and Atlassian. 

Additionally, WP Engine secured a spot on the Best WorkPlaces for Millennials list for the second consecutive year. 

2019: International Hubs in Ireland and the UK are Certified for the First Time

2019 was a big year for WP Engine’s Great Place to Work certifications. Not only did our Texas headquarters secure a spot on four separate lists (Best Medium Workplaces, Best Workplaces for Women, Best Workplaces in Texas, and Best Workplaces in Technology), but also, it was the first year that two of our international hubs earned certification.

Both our London-based team in the UK and our Limerick-based team in Ireland secured certifications, expanding our reputation as a great place to work all the way across the pond.

2021: All International Hubs are Certified for the First Time 

While our Irish and English team members were able to secure certification in 2019, it wasn’t until 2021 that all of our global hubs were able to achieve Great Place to Work certification for the first time.

To be considered for certification, teams must consist of at least ten members. Before 2021, our hubs in Poland and Australia did not meet that threshold for consideration—but as soon as we met those numbers, the teams wasted no time securing their certifications and officially cementing WP Engine’s reputation as a team that’s globally great.

2023: WP Engine Continues to Amass Certifications

This year, our teams continued to impress, earning multiple unique certifications across our international hubs.

Our headquarters once again secured a spot on the Best Workplaces in Texas list (#10), our Ireland hub earned certification as both a Best Workplace for Women and in Tech, and our Poland hub was named a Best Workplace for Millennials.

Happy Certification Day to All Great Places to Work!

We’re honored to be counted among the many Great Place to Work-certified companies around the world, and we’ll continue to commit time and resources to build the positive, employee-centric culture our team members have come to expect.

Want to work with a certifiably great team? Check out our open roles to find a position that speaks to your qualifications and see firsthand why WP Engine is celebrating this Certification Day!