We’re growing fast here at WPEngine, and that means more hands on deck!

Stealing a joke from the StackExchange blog, I’m happy to welcome Valued Associates #00004 and #00005 to the team.

You’ll start seeing Chris Lauzon‘s name on support tickets right away, because he’s our new Head of Customer Happiness. Besides improving our time-to-close-a-ticket metric, he’s also going to be overseeing a new Knowledge Base and Forums system.

Mark Kelnar is our new Head of Backend Stuff, taking over our backend architecture. His immediate project is to build the long-awaited Customer Portal where you’ll be able to self-serve things like adding a domain to your blog and updating your credit card information.

We have some cool new products in the pipeline, and with Chris and Mark we’ll be able to improve the base service while working on new stuff.