Every week brings fresh updates and news in the world of WordPress and Torque Magazine. This week we explore CampPress, blank WordPress themes, incorporating paid content and more!

Doc Pop’s News drop: Camp Press and donatewc

In this week’s News Drop, Doc talks about CampPress, a camp designed for WordPressers and digital connoisseurs to disconnect and recharge.

Top 10 Blank WordPress Themes and Their Impressive Advantages 

Blank WordPress themes are a relatively new and easy way to customize your theme. Check out some of the best blank themes suited for optimal customization.

How to Monetize Your Website with Paid Content

The quickest way to earn revenue is through paid content. However, transitioning to paid content needs to be strategic and thought-out. Follow this roadmap and useful tips to help get you started.

Rethinking What I Know About Medium, As A WordPress Developer 

The argument that Medium is superior to WordPress exists, but is there validity to it? Explore possible reasoning for the debate.

Torque Toons: Dressing Up As The “WP-Admin”

Halloween has passed, but are updates still haunting you?

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