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Brand assets

We power the freedom to create. Discover everything you need here—from our brand story to visual and verbal elements. Dive in to ensure your creativity aligns seamlessly with WP Engine’s reliable and dynamic brand.

Our vision

Leading the way as the premier WordPress technology company

At WP Engine, we aim to be the world’s most trusted WordPress technology company, leading in Managed WordPress, Headless WordPress, eCommerce, enterprise WordPress and developer-centric tools. We are dedicated to empowering businesses of all sizes to thrive in the digital landscape, revolutionizing the way they build, power, manage and optimize online.

Our mission

We power the freedom to create

WP Engine builds and supports premium solutions, services, support and tools to grow your online marketing, media or merchant presence using WordPress. With the variety of options and an ironclad platform, WP Engine powers you and your peers to work how you work best, with the artistic and development flexibility each web project requires.

Our tagline

Confidence online

Our customers, site owners, digital strategists, developers of small-to-mid-sized businesses and enterprises, or agencies deserve the confidence that their work will thrive. This confidence is delivered through WP Engine’s elevated WordPress expertise, people-focused culture, relentless innovation, and unmatched performance.

Brand elements

Branding guidelines

Our brand style guide is your go-to resource for the WP Engine parent brand and its catalog of products, plugins, and tools. It includes detailed guidelines for logos, color usage, typography, and more. We also provide high-level guidance on tone of voice, photography, and illustration basics.


Our logo, consisting of the wordmark and the “cog” brand mark, reflects our power and leadership in blending managed and open-source technologies within the WordPress community. Always use the provided logo files without alterations, maintaining the integrity of the elements. For specific guidance and unique use cases, please download the brand style guide.


Our open-source brand font set includes Lora and Inter, representing the friendly and elevated aspects of our brand. Lora is used for elegant, readable headlines, while Inter provides flexibility and readability for body text and logos. For detailed usage guidelines, please see the brand style guide.

Color palette

Our vibrant and expansive brand palette represents the energy and power behind the things we build. Primary colors include teal, blue, and navy, while secondary colors like purple, green, yellow, and orange add the personality and vitality our company culture is known for.

Tone of voice

The WP Engine voice is the heart of our brand, inspired by our friendly sage-like persona who is a dependable, relatable guide, offering insights and top solutions with a down-to-earth approach, while championing inclusivity and authenticity.
We can break this down into three key aspects:


At WP Engine, we are your guiding mentor, showcasing the latest and greatest in WordPress technology. We navigate and guide you through the complex journey of the WordPress business.


We believe in the power of practical wisdom. We are committed to transparency, clarity, intelligence, and ethical behavior.


Our voice is that of a friendly partner, offering guidance and resources that cater to your needs and goals. We recognize that the online journey can be challenging and overwhelming at times, but we are in it together with you.

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