Crowd Favorite

Remote working digital agency with teams in the USA, Europe, New York, United States
Strategic Greater than $100,000 Application Development, eCommerce, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Elevating the Future of the Digital Experience with Enterprise Grade Digital Strategy and Open Source Development.

Crowd Favorite’s core expertise is rooted in partnering with our clients to transform their Business Goals and Measurements of Success into modern digital solutions, built on the power of Open Source. As a strategic partner we architect dynamic and cost-effective digital solutions using a strategic mix of enterprise-grade scalable processes built with a measure of flexibility for future needs. Crowd Favorite is one of the few agencies with a proven history of managing and delivering these types of complex solutions. We pride ourselves on design, architecture, and development that above all else is well-planned and executed to minimize dead-end or vendor-locked development.

As a full-service agency, Crowd Favorite's specialty is developing Open Source digital solutions as a long-term partner, working with internal Marketing Departments and larger IT organizations.

Featured portfolio items.

Topcon Virtual Expo – Communication and sales platform live in 14 business days

After a marketing event crisis that cancelled an important expo, Topcon was immediately in need of a solution that would allow them to display their products, capture lead information, and reach their targeted sales goals. Understanding the urgency, Crowd Favorite delivered a digital transformation for Topcon that created an opportunity to showcase their products, interact with potential clients, and create a new channel of lead generation independent of external expos.


ColourPop: 18 Months of Sales in a Single Cyber Monday

After a secret product launch over the Summer crashed ColourPop’s eCommerce solution, leadership had reservations about whether its site could be scaled to support the unprecedented traffic spikes expected on Cyber Monday. Through load testing and strategic website analysis, Crowd Favorite built and optimized many pieces of site infrastructure allowing to support enterprise-scale activity—one sale every second at the height of Cyber Monday 2015, ensuring they wouldn’t fail as a result of having achieved so much success.


Victaulic: GfK Open Source Integration

Victaulic, a leader in global manufacturing, needed a data management system and simplified process to organize and update their global product inventory of over 16,000 stock keeping units (SKUs), which is responsible for providing accurate product information to their hundreds of distributors. As the original platform architect and digital transformation partner, Crowd Favorite was consulted to ensure compatibility with Victaulic’s current digital structure and online catalogue system. Crowd Favorite worked as a partner liaison with Victaulic to implement the process with GfK , to build a system that would automatically sync with the current digital catalogue and provide monitoring for the Victaulic team.


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