Orlando, Florida, United States
Member $10,000–$50,000 Application Development, eCommerce, Migration Support

Company Overview
Digigor is a full-service digital experience platform specializing in Website Creation, Content Management, SEO and E-commerce tailored by industry for businesses and organizations.

Let us setup, promote and maintain your business or organization. Fast, reliable and professional.

Services Offered:
1. Online Presence Setup
1. Brand Identity Kit (Add-on)
2. Business Email Setup
3. Website Creation
4. Social Media Setup
5. Google Business Listing
6. Mobile App Development (Add-on)
2. Digital Promotion
1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
2. Email Marketing (Add-on)
3. Social Media Marketing (Add-on)
4. Search Engine Marketing (Add-on)
5. Digital Advertising (Add-on)
6. 3rd-party Integrations (Add-on)
3. E-commerce
1. E-commerce Setup
2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Setup
3. 3rd-party Integrations (Add-on)
4. Digital Insights
1. Integrated Analytics
2. Reporting
3. 3rd-party Integrations (Add-on)
5. Content Management
1. Content Edits
2. Content Writer (Add-on)
6. Maintenance
1. Project Tracker
2. Website Maintenance
3. Website Security
4. Optimization
7. Digital Consultation
1. Digital Marketing Consultation
2. Technical Consultation

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