Khetta Business Digitization

Seef, Manama, Bahrain
Member $10,000–$50,000 Web Design & Development

Starting with a very small team but big experience, intelligent thinking and vast relationship made up of creatives, strategists, analysts and masterminds in Bahrain and the region.We alliance with handful of skeptics that like to challenge our own assumptions and perfectionists that don’t know when to quit.We welcome thinkers and innovators and we consider them our own blood, those who are determined to re-imagine the way we do digital.
There are many digital agencies all over the world, but there is a unique one in Bahrain called Khetta, so what’s that name? Khetta means Plan in Arabic, a set of tasks to accomplish a specific target. We pride ourselves on delivering innovation, digital experience that make an impact. After being in the comfort zone for a while we decided to take this challenge and determine to change how people think and unlock their real value through creativity, technology and business-minded thinking.

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House Me

Real Estate Agency, we provided a wordpress website and multiple SaaS application integration for their ERP and CRM and marketing automation.

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