Orchard Digital Marketing

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Advanced $50,000–$100,000 Creative & Branding, Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising, Data Analytics

Orchard Digital Marketing is a customer experience and digital performance marketing agency.

Composed of three divisions: Orchard Digital Marketing, Orchard Senior Marketing and Orchard Content Studios, we are a full-service agency that exists to fuse the power of brand with data science to create targeted performance marketing, strategically resonant content, and elevated website experiences as a solution for businesses across industries and market verticals.

At Orchard, we exist to optimize the entire customer journey by understanding the moments that matter. Through prioritizing user needs – and meeting technical requirements – we are intentional in delivering on business objectives and elevating exceptional resonant and relevant website experiences that galvanize action to deliver results.

As a creative and technology-driven agency, we’re adept at teaming up, in an agile manner, and at any stage of a project’s lifecycle. Close collaboration with our strategic brand expertise, our deep knowledge of media channels, as well as data-driven performance and continuous optimizations, allows us to deliver unified, channel-agnostic, customer-centric experiences –rooted in human insight – that puts users and brand at the center of your business.

Orchard’s UX-focused web design, development and hosting expertise run the gamut of capability:

· Discovery
· UX / UI Research and Design
· Information and Technical Architecture
· Web Design and Development
· Content Strategy and Copy Development
· SEO Strategy and Implementation
· Testing and Continuous Optimization
· Ongoing Development Support
· Iterative Design
· Hosting Services and Support

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