Finding Your WP Engine IP Address

Your “IP” refers to the server address on which your managed WordPress site content is hosted. Your DNS needs to point to this IP for a domain to resolve to the correct WP Engine Site.

You can find the IP if a WP Engine site in a few ways. Be aware, your websites may be on different servers, so you will want to locate the IP for each environment when pointing DNS.

NOTE: Before pointing DNS, first add your domain to the User Portal.

User Portal

The Domain page within your User Portal is the best location to find your WP Engine IP address, as this page is used when adding your domain and will show the functional status of DNS once it has been pointed.

  1. Log in to the User Portal
  2. Click on the unique Environment name you wish to find the IP address for
  3. Select Domains
  4. The IP address is the value next to A Record

WP Engine Plugin

Your website’s IP address can also be found through the WP admin dashboard of the website, by way of the WP Engine plugin.

  1. Log in to your website’s /wp-admin/ dashboard
  2. Click on WP Engine plugin located in the top left corner
  3. Under General Settings you will find your IP Address

If your wp-admin bar says “My Sites” and you cannot see the WP Engine plugin, then you have a WordPress Multisite and must use these Multisite instructions instead.


If you are working with a multisite network ,the WP Engine plugin will not work in the same way for each subsite as it would for a single site. You can find the IP using the WP Engine plugin in your WP admin dashboard through the Network Admin.

  1. Log in to your site’s /wp-admin/ dashboard
  2. Click the My Sites tab
  3. Click Network Admin
  4. Click WP Engine plugin located at the top left corner
  5. Under General Settings you will find your IP address

NEXT STEP: Point your DNS to WP Engine

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