Usage Page

The Usage page is available to WP Engine customers and is designed to help better manage plan resource usage.

Access Usage Page

Usage can be accessed in the WP Engine User Portal by any account Owner or Full (with Billing) user.

  1. Log in to the User Portal
  2. Expand Billing
  3. Select Usage


Depending on the plan type and which stats are relevant to that plan’s billing, certain information may or may not be displayed on this page.

Usage Metrics

  • Storage Used – Displays total account disk usage in gigabytes (GB). Includes all environments on the account (Production, Staging, and Development) and all transferable environments. Does not include WP Engine automated backups. Storage is updated weekly. Learn how to reduce storage usage here.
  • Billable VisitsShared accounts only (Lite, Startup, Growth, Scale). Visits refers to the sum total of billable visits. WP Engine does not count every hit to a website as a billable visit. Visits are updated daily. Learn more about how WP Engine counts billable visits here.
  • Sites UsedShared accounts only (Lite, Startup, Growth, Scale). Total number of Billable sites on the account. Does not include transferable sites. Sites Used updates daily.
  • Smart Plugin ManagerSmart Plugin manager add-on only. Licenses used, est. time saved, and updates applied over the displayed time frame. Learn more about Smart Plugin Manager here.
  • Premier plans will not see any gauges at the top, only data in the Detailed Usage table will be displayed.

The table at the bottom of the page will display storage (in GB) and billable visits for over the last 7 days. Columns can be sorted by clicking the column name.

Usage for the previous three billing cycles can be view by selecting a timeframe from the dropdown at the top left of the table.

Download Usage

Data for a specific billing cycles can be downloaded by first selecting a timeframe from the dropdown at the top. Then, usage can be downloaded in CSV format using the Download CSV button. This download will include the following information:

  • Account Name
  • Billing Cycle
  • Environment name
  • Environment type
  • DB Storage (GB)
  • File Storage (GB)
  • Total Storage (GB)
  • Storage date
  • Billable Visits

NEXT STEP: Learn how to reduce bandwidth and storage usage

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