WP Engine brings the power of its Managed WordPress Hosting Platform to Datacenters in London and Tokyo.

Ben Metcalfe, co-founder WP Engine

After months of preparation and planning, we’re delighted to announce that WP Engine customers can now elect to have their WordPress instances run out of datacenters in London, UK or Tokyo, JP – in addition to our primary datacenter in Texas, US.

And I’m delighted to announce that we’re been able to offer these two new geographic options at no additional cost. Choose the location of your datacenter, US, UK or Japan, and it’s all the same price.

For me personally, as a British-born UK citizen, it’s a proud moment to bring the power of our WordPress Hosting Platform ‘home’.

Why EU and Asia datacenters are important

There are several reasons to locate your WordPress-powered website in the EU or Asia, including:

  • Reduced latency for domestic visitors because the closer the server is to the site visitor, the faster the site can load.
  • British and European Union, as well as Asian legal jurisdiction.
  • Compliance of the EU Data Protective Directive on exporting personal data outside of the EU.

To celebrate we’re offering new customers who sign up before July 31st 2012 with coupon code “euasialaunch” free migration* from their existing host. That’s in addition to our industry-leading 60 day money-back guarantee!  So why not pick a plan, and give us a try?

Our current customers can request their sites be moved to the UK or Tokyo, and we will take care of this for them, with no changes to their billing.  

What is WP Engine anyway?

We’ve worked hard to make WP Engine the leading provider of Managed WordPress Hosting in the industry.

For those who are not yet familiar with WP Engine’s service, “Managed WordPress Hosting” means that we provide an already installed instance of WordPress ready to use immediately. Furthermore, the WordPress install comes already configured for your domain, optimized for speed and scalability, and with automatic nightly backups. No installations, no messing around with MySQL databases, no fuss, no hassle.

Furthermore, Managed Hosting also means that all of our accounts benefit from security and malware scanning from both our own in-house tools and those of a leading 3rd party security firm. We’ll remove any malware or security issues that we find on your site at no extra charge.  All in an effort to keep our customers hacker proof, and happy.

Chances are we already power many of the sites you love – including sites and blogs belonging to FourSquare, Soundcloud, HTC, VMWare’s CloudFoundry, GAP, Atlassian, WooThemes and more. We’re the platform big business and industry leaders turn to when they need WordPress to scale to their needs. Our investors include Automattic, the company behind the development of WordPress, as well as Eric Ries, Dharmesh Shah, and Loic Le Meur.  Find out more about what makes WP Engine special.

We believe we’re the first Managed WordPress Hosting Platform to provide dataserver options in both the EU and Asia, and we’re excited to open our doors to the international WordPress community.


On behalf of all of us at WP Engine: Thank you, ありがとう, Danke, Merci, Gracias.

-Ben Metcalfe

* Free migration offer terms: we’ll pay for the first 2hrs on the personal plan, 5hrs on the professional plan and 10hrs on the business plan – which in our experience should be enough for most sites. Further hours, upon client’s agreement, are charged at our migration service vendor’s discounted rate.