Think about it: all it takes is one viral video, one killer campaign, or one mention on a daytime talk show and – BOOM! – the traffic to your site skyrockets. (If you have a Super Bowl ad in the works for the big game, pay attention!) Can your WordPress site handle it? If you have to think about it, the answer is probably “no.”

Fret not! We recently presented a three-part webinar series in which some of WP Engine’s WordPress specialists showcased ways to speed up your site and ensure it stands up to sudden spikes – expected or unexpected.

Here’s a quick recap of each. And you can head over here to watch videos from each of the three webinars:

1. Quick Wins To Get Your Site Up to Speed
We kicked off the series with a look at a few of the quick steps you can take to get your site ready to handle a massive traffic swell and arm you with the knowledge you need to recognize it’s coming before it’s too late. Some of the tips our specialists share include optimizing via plugins, the use of third-party services, and best practices to understand your performance. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to improve your site’s server requests and balance your site’s workload. We also dive in to updates and security.

2. Seven Steps for Front End Optimization
Now that some of the quick wins are out of the way, it’s time to optimize the front end. In the second webinar in this series, we dive into seven steps that will help you be better prepared to handle peak capacity by optimizing the front end of your WordPress site to make it peppier. You can improve your site through minification, image compression, CDN usage, GZIP compression, mobile uploads, optimizing third-party CSS or JavaScript requests, and SSL connections.

3. Back End Optimization, Beyond the Basics
With your front end optimized and ready for action, now it’s time to whip the back end into shape. In this webinar, we dig our heels into optimizing the back end. Here, you’ll get technical tips that will help you tune the back end of your WordPress sites to help you brace for a heavy flow of traffic. Be ready to get technical and take on PHP performance and best practices, MySQL performance, caching and queries, and more.

These webinars will help you speed up your site and prepare it for peak capacity. Following these tips and suggestions will help ensure your site stays up and running under increasingly heavy traffic loads.

Check out the video recordings of the webinars now and get your site ready for whatever traffic comes your way.