This post is out of date. For the most recent multisite information and support, check out the ‘What is Multisite?’ article in our Support Garage

WordPress multisite networks are becoming increasingly popular. And WordPress 4.4 brings a lot of great improvements to multisite. Unfortunately, creating a multisite can be a painful task that can take upwards of 30 minutes to complete, depending on your WordPress skills.

Now, you can turn multisite on or off with just a few clicks, eliminating the time and the hassle it once required.

We recently released a new utility in the WP Engine User Portal that allows you to convert your install to a multisite or convert your multisite to a standard WordPress install. The utility safely performs the conversion to or from multisite for you. Previously, you’d have to call us or submit a ticket to turn multisite on or off, or perform the steps to create a multisite yourself.

The utility allows you to choose a subdomain or subdirectory multisite setup. It also creates backup points pre and post operation. If you decide multisite isn’t for you and you want to convert a multisite to a standard install, you have the option to keep or delete those extra multisite tables.

You can find the multisite on/off tool under the “utilities” page in the User Portal. It can be used with WP Engine Professional plans or higher.

Here’s how you convert your install to multisite:


Here’s how you convert multisite to a standard install:


Adding simple multisite on and off capabilities to the User Portal puts more power in your hands, and eliminates a process that would typically require several steps and several minutes to complete. It’s just one way we make your WordPress experience easier.

Want to learn more about multisite? Check out my WordCamp Boston talk on deciding whether WordPress multisite is your best friend or worst enemy.

Taylor McCaslin Speaking at WordCamp Las Vegas

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