Building a winning team goes far beyond the playing field.

While the thrill of victory often plays out on the pitch, the fundamentals that lead to success on the field can also be applied to your growing business. 

In today’s world of digital acceleration, that begins with your website, and the hosting provider you select to keep it running smoothly. 

At WP Engine, we’ve put in the practice time to make sure we’re your best recruit. We lead the league in managed WordPress hosting because we’re lazer-focused on providing winning strategies for our customers’ sites. 

Read on for a closer look at our team’s starting 11, including the defense, the midfielders, and the star players that set our services apart.

The Defense

The best offense is a good defense, and these four defensive tactics help keep our customers’ sites safer and more secure so they can keep winning online. 

Website Maintenance and Free SSL

Nothing is costlier than penalties, and the red flag of a site that registers as “Not secure” will send even your biggest fans for the exits. 

At WP Engine, we make the security of your site our top priority with vulnerability scanning, site monitoring solutions, and free SSL certification for every site hosted on our platform. That means an automatic lock for HTTPS and a quality hosting experience for all of your sites. 

Smart Plugin Manager

Out-of-date plugins are like gaps in the defense for would-be cyber attackers, as older code can present an open door for exploitable vulnerabilities. 

Routine maintenance and management is the best way to keep your plugins healthy, but that can drain the clock, using up valuable developer time on rote tasks that are nonetheless critical for the security of your site(s). 

To help with this dilemma, WP Engine built Smart Plugin Manager, a new approach to plugin management that automates plugin and theme updates while leveraging visual regression testing to ensure each update is completed without negatively affecting your site(s).

You can set Smart Plugin Manager to auto-update plugins at a time that’s best for you—individually or in bulk—and if an update does cause an issue on your site, Smart Plugin Manager will automatically revert it, restoring your site to its former state. 

See how leading digital marketing platform RocketLevel reclaimed valuable developer time while prioritizing plugin security with Smart Plugin Manager.

World-class Security Certifications

While any team can call itself the best, championship trophies are the ultimate indication of their success. The same is true for a web host, which can call itself secure, but might not be if it doesn’t have the certifications to back it up. 

WP Engine’s platform meets key international standards for information security, including SOC 2 compliance and ISO 27001-2013 certification. These independently-verified security audits are like entries in the record book, demonstrating our commitment to information security and the safety of our customers’ sites. 

Global Edge Security

If your site stores sensitive data, including payment information or private employee data, WP Engine also offers advanced security solutions like Global Edge Security to bolster your defensive front. 

This advanced set of security solutions is akin to a goalkeeper, providing a specialized position that acts as a line of defense against attacks. The additional layers of protection that come with Global Edge Security include attack deflection with a managed WAF, DDoS mitigation, and Argo Smart Routing, which provides a traffic-routing algorithm that delivers your content more quickly and safely.

The Midfielders

Your business should have the freedom and flexibility to move the ball up the pitch and drive towards its goal. That’s where our midfielders come in. These four key players help our customers gain more traffic, create more conversions, and provide faster digital experiences for all of their site visitors.

The Fastest WordPress Platform

The best offensive play you have to ensure your site sees high quality traffic and conversions is to make sure your content displays lightning fast. WP Engine is consistently rated among the fastest WordPress hosting providers, which puts our customers in the best possible position to score.

Localized Data Hosting

With more than a dozen data centers positioned strategically around the world, you can keep moving the ball more effectively up the field and toward a conversion. Our customers store their data in the server closest to their core customer base to prevent sites from experiencing latency issues.

Top-tier Tools and Support

Our teams focus on curating and maintaining some of the best tools for web design and development. Local, Genesis, Advanced Custom Fields, and more are all powered by WP Engine and available to the entire WordPress community. 

With 24/7/365 global support that consistently boasts a 97% satisfaction rate or higher, we’re also always on deck to help our customers with any challenge, large or small.  See how our developer tools and expert WordPress support helped TKTK do TKTK.  

WordPress Community Contributions

Whether we’re hosting Ignite events or presenting at WordCamps across the globe, WP Engine is committed to giving back to the WordPress community through core contributions and the maintenance of open source solutions that are freely available to all. 

Our teams also consistently release cutting-edge content related to WordPress through our owned publications, including Torque Magazine and Velocitize (including the award-winning Velocitize Talks series), as well as the weekly Press This WordPress Community Podcast.

Star Players

Every team has its workhorses, but winning teams also rely on the magic of a select few. Below are WP Engine’s go-getters—the trend-setters and key players behind our industry-leading WordPress platform that provide our customers with game-winning results. 


Enterprise websites require enterprise performance and Premier is trusted by the world’s top agencies and Fortune 500 companies to effortlessly scale and transform their most important digital experiences. Whether you need better solutions for high traffic WordPress hosting or you want to standardize all of your WordPress sites with a signal provider, Premier offers the best enterprise solutions to support your digital success.


Atlas is WP Engine’s star forward that’s moving the ball toward the future of headless WordPress. Large enterprises are turning to headless solutions to create bespoke digital experiences while solving the needs of their marketing and development teams. Atlas is a complete headless solution, leveraging open source software to assist developers as they build, deploy, and manage websites using their modern front and back-end solutions of choice .

EverCache® and Live Cart for WooCommerce

These two tools round out WP Engine’s team as the strikers, helping you with the last push you need to reach your goals and score big with your customers. EverCache® removes server strain by automatically caching static site content, allowing you to serve content more quickly, no matter how much traffic your site is fielding. 

For our eCommerce customers, Live Cart for Woocommerce eliminates excessive AJAX requests, improving page speeds for eCommerce sites without sacrificing dynamic cart functionality.

At WP Engine, our starting 11 have been put in place to power your digital experiences and provide you with the freedom to create on WordPress..

Just like a winning team moving up the pitch, WP Engine’s starting 11 make our fully-managed WordPress platform a tournament favorite, helping you take the lead over your competitors with speed, security, and site management tools built specifically for WordPress.  

Build a Winning Team With WP Engine

Want a closer look at what makes WP Engine the WordPress platform of choice for so many brands and agencies? Check out our ebook, The Web Hosting Qualifiers, for a deep dive into the fundamentals you should look for when evaluating a hosting provider.

If you’re interested in adding WP Engine to your own team, you can view our plans here or speak to a specialist to learn more.