Page Performance.

Improving page speed can boost the amount of search traffic coming to your site, and increases the chance that the traffic will convert into paying customers. WP Engine’s Page Performance tool shows which pages are getting the most visitors, which need the most help, and recommends quick actions to enhance your site experience.

Seconds matter. Don't let slow speed sink your bottom line.

Slow page load times are like kryptonite—a one-second load time delay results in 7% fewer conversions and hurts your bottom line. With Page Performance, the first WP Engine Performance Intelligence solution, you get real-time data about your site’s performance and expert recommendations to make it faster. Page Performance will make you a digital super hero.

Key metrics and history.

Speed and performance data for any website, including historical data to measure improvement.

Actionable insights.

Expert advice with links to rich, relevant content so you can improve site performance.

Measurable KPI impact.

Improved site performance impacts important KPIs like SEO, time on site, bounce rate, conversions, and more.

Integrated with workflow.

Integrated into your existing development workflow and available through the WP Engine User Portal.

Customer success story:

WebDevStudios is a WordPress website development company that provides custom solutions for clients like Microsoft, WEtv, Discovery Channel, and more.


page speed improvement.


of page visitors potentially retained.


of revenue potentially retained.

* based on an algorithm that customizes results using business context and industry averages.

Page Performance.

With Page Performance, WP Engine is the first managed WordPress platform with a web page speed performance tool integrated into the user dashboard to give customers actionable insights to quickly and dramatically improve the speed of their websites.

Key results with caching.

View cacheability score for each web page, along with key performance measurements such as render start, visitor complete and render complete — with and without caching.

View cacheability score for each web page, along with key performance measurements such as render start, visitor complete and render complete—with and without caching.

Visitor experience film strip.


Visually analyze each element of the web page loading by the tenth of a second, providing insight into how the visitor would experience the page being loaded.

Show raw data.


Dig deeper into the results with access to the raw data for each performance improvement recommendation.

Domain breakdown.


Compare key page performance metrics across different domains and get best practice insights to enhance the customer experience.

Automated reporting.


Monitor how development changes may affect site performance with the ability to run automated reports weekly, monthly, or on a twice-monthly basis.

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