Understanding WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a powerful and scalable platform for building practically any type of website. However, your site will only be as stable as your choice of hosting. This means choosing a web host that knows all the ins and outs of WordPress.

What’s more, there are some dedicated WordPress hosts that optimize their servers specifically for the platform. You don’t need to understand all the technical details to know that this is an ideal situation. Using hosting that works well with the platform your site runs on can lead to an increase in performance and uptime, and a corresponding decrease in errors.

In this article, we’ll look at WordPress hosting, including the different types you can choose from. We’ll also help you decide which option is best for you. Let’s jump right in!

What Is WordPress Hosting?

You may already be familiar with regular web hosting, and WordPress hosting works in much the same way. However, it differs because it will optimize your server and associated files specifically for the platform.

Given the platform’s popularity, many web hosts now offer dedicated WordPress-centric plans. Other hosts (such as WP Engine) dedicate themselves entirely to WordPress, in order to provide the best service possible for those users.

WordPress Hosting Options

As with all types of hosting, there are several varieties of WordPress hosting to choose from. Let’s explore the four most common options.

Managed WordPress Hosting

In a nutshell, ‘managed’ WordPress hosting is the direct opposite of ‘unmanaged’ hosting. With this type of plan, your host will carry out optimization and maintenance on your server for you. While you’ll have less control over your server, you’ll have knowledgeable experts making sure your site remains quick and stable.

In our opinion, businesses without dedicated IT staff stand to gain the most from managed hosting, as you can rely on your provider’s expertise to keep your site in top condition. However, even those with such a team in place can benefit, since you’ll be able to use the spare resources elsewhere.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

You’ll often find that larger sites need lots of server resources, to cope with higher levels of traffic and more data. If that sounds like your site, dedicated WordPress hosting may be what you need. This type of hosting provides your site with a server all to itself, rather than one that’s shared with other websites (an option we’ll talk about shortly).

While dedicated hosting gives you the ultimate in server resources, bandwidth, and security, there’s usually a very high price tag attached. What’s more, you’ll be entirely responsible for managing your server in a lot of cases. For this reason, only large companies with the budgets to match can usually consider a dedicated server.

Shared WordPress Hosting

In contrast to a dedicated server setup, shared WordPress hosting is when many websites share the same server and resources. This is the most common type of hosting you’ll find. Shared hosting can vary from low end cheap hosts, to higher end shared hosting solutions.

Lower-end shared hosting providers often fit many websites on a single server, and have limited security protocols between the accounts, increasing security risks and cross contamination from other websites on the server. This can be an even greater issue on cheaper hosts since the low barrier to entry allows for a larger number of poorly configured shared environments.

Higher-end shared hosting providers limit the number of websites on a server and ensure that there is spare bandwidth and failover capabilities incase one website on the server has a traffic spike, or starts to hog the server resources. They also include improved security measures and limitations to protect from cross contamination.

For businesses, lower-end shared hosting isn’t likely to be a viable option, especially if you deal with sensitive information. Higher-end shared hosting on the other hand can provide a good compromise between price vs functionality and security.

Virtual Private Server WordPress Hosting

If you’re looking for a solid middle ground between a high-tier dedicated server and cost-effective shared hosting, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) could be ideal. While you’ll still share space with other sites, the server is set up in a way that virtually partitions each site, so they’re essentially isolated.

This setup provides a security boost, and you’ll usually get more resources and see better performance. In our opinion, VPS hosting is a great option for many small businesses, due to the balance between cost, resources, and security.

Which WordPress Hosting Option Is Best For You?

Of course, each hosting solution has its relative pros and cons, and we’ve highlighted some of those above. Ultimately, the hosting you choose should reflect the budget you have to work with, your site’s goals, and the niche you work in. However, you can make an educated guess as to what will be the best fit, before looking into each option further.

For example, if you’re a fledgling blogger just beginning your WordPress journey, shared hosting will likely be the best option, mainly because it’s budget-friendly. As your blog attracts a following, you can then look into other hosting options that meet your site’s growing needs.

As we’ve already outlined, small businesses dealing with sensitive information online will need more stability and security, which a VPS hosting plan can usually provide. However, if you’re a larger company or enterprise expecting a high volume of traffic, it makes sense to budget for a dedicated server. Of course, you’ll need a team in place to manage the server if you decide to go this route (alternately, you can get a managed dedicated server).

WP Engine WordPress Hosting Solutions

When it comes to your hosting needs, WP Engine has all the bases covered. We have many hosting plans available, enabling your service to grow alongside your site. Plus, your hosting will be optimized to provide the best performance possible for WordPress.

With all our hosting packages, we offer top-notch security, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to help encrypt your users’ data, and much more. We’re also the only WordPress Digital Experience Platform (DXP), which makes us a perfect fit for your latest project, regardless of size or requirements.

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