At WP Engine, we adhere to a set of core values that influences what we do as a company. Through those guiding principles we promise to be customer inspired and to do the right thing, which means we rely on feedback from our customers to improve our service and the value of our platform.

Recently, a number of our customers raised concerns about how we calculate billable visitors and overages. We are excited to share with you that we’ve made significant updates to our overage policy, which will result in cost savings across our customer base.

Starting October 13, we no longer charge you overages based on bot traffic—we only use human traffic to calculate billable visits. (Note: We stopped billing for bot traffic starting October 13. Because we bill for overages two months in arrears and each customer’s billing cycle is unique, you can expect to see a reduction in overages reflected in your statement that includes October 13.)

Previously, we calculated billable visits and overage charges based on the total number of visits to your site, which included both human and bot traffic. Why did we include bot traffic? From a hosting perspective, we process and serve pages to bots just as we do to humans, so we counted their visits as one and the same.

Bot traffic can be an important contributor to the success of your site, but all bots aren’t created equal and don’t always represent added value to you. With this change, we are sharing in the success of your site. We will handle the cost of bot traffic and give you those views for free, so you can measure your site’s success based on human visitors. Striking bot traffic from our billing calculation will reduce or eliminate overage charges for the majority of our customers.

We aspire to be transparent with our customers and to give you confidence to run your site on our platform. We want your monthly bill to be predictable and easy to understand. We never charge for bandwidth, and the first 1,000 GB of CDN service is always free for our Premium and Enterprise customers.

Our goal is to deliver a managed WordPress hosting platform that is fast, scalable, secure, and backed by 24/7 support from WordPress experts. We designed our platform to make your life easier and to be a valuable tool upon which you can build your business. Eliminating bot traffic from our billable visits and overage calculations is one way we deliver on that value and align with you for success.

For additional details, please see our FAQ page.

Want to know more about bot traffic and how bots affect your site? Download our new white paper, “The Webmaster’s Guide To Understanding The Bot Invasion.”