Create a New Website With LifterLMS

Using the “Create from template” option is the easiest way to build a new LifterLMS powered site on WP Engine. This article provides a step-by-step guide for creating a new Environment with LifterLMS on the WP Engine platform. All WP Engine hosting plans will support the LifterLMS “Create from template” option.

Add Site

A Site refers to a group of 3 Environments; Production, Staging and Development. Each environment is a completely independent installation of WordPress. Deploying between these Environments is easy through the User Portal and uses our Backup system.

  1. Log in to the User Portal
  2. Click Sites
  3. Click Add Site
  4. Fill in a Site Name
    • Does not need to be a unique name
    • Can be changed later
  5. (Optional) Site group
  6. (Optional) Transferable
  7. Click Add Site

NOTE: You may receive an error message when creating a new Site that you do not have sufficient space on your account to add any new sites. Delete any unnecessary Sites in your account and create a new LifterLMS Site Template to avoid having to upgrade.

Add Environment

After adding a Site, you will need to add an Environment. An Environment is the individual installation of WordPress and can be assigned Production, Staging or Development states. For most workflows, you can just select Production, but Staging and Development can be selected if desired.

  1. Log in to the User Portal
  2. Click the Site name
  3. Locate the current environment name at the top and click it to expand a dropdown
  4. Select Add Production, Add Staging or Add Development
  1. Select the tab Create from template
  2. Name the new environment
    • This will become your temporary URL:
    • Cannot have been used by another other environment in the past
  3. Under Choose a site template, select LifterLMS
    • The new environment will include:
      • Fresh installation of WordPress
      • LifterLMS Plugin (activated)
      • 5 Genesis Themes (installed, but not activated)
  4. Click Create Environment

Log in to New Environment

After creating an Environment, you will receive an email to complete the setup of your admin level user.

  • This first admin user uses the email address of the Owner of the WP Engine hosting account.
  • The first admin user has the same name as the specific environment.

EX: If you named your new Production environment “jerrysapples” then your first admin username on that environment is also “jerrysapples”.

The process to setup a new site should be completed well within 30 minutes. However, if you do not receive the email to setup your admin user there are several options:

Setup LifterLMS

LifterLMS will be activated during the creation of your new environment when using these steps.

Once your new environment has been setup and you’ve logged in, you are responsible for the settings and configuring the plugin to your needs.

Refer to this support article by LifterLMS for all configurations and settings. If you have additional questions on how to get started with LifterLMS, check out their knowledge base.  

NOTE: All support for the LifterLMS products and configurations beyond initial installation are provided by LifterLMS and not WP Engine.

LifterLMS Support

As with any plugin, our team can assist with installation and activation. Beyond installation, activation and basic troubleshooting, specific issues regarding plugin functionality are outside of WP Engine’s scope of support.

The WP Engine staff is not trained to support LifterLMS directly.  Questions regarding functionality would be best answered by the LifterLMS team to ensure you get the fastest and most accurate answer.

If you have questions regarding billing for the plugin, WP Engine does not own LifterLMS, so please reach out to the LifterLMS team directly.

NEXT STEPLearn how to adjust platform settings

Need more Sites?

Each Site includes Development, Staging, and Production environments. Get more Sites for your account as an add-on without upgrading your whole hosting plan.