“WPengine empowers WordPress developers like myself to not only control the build quality of a website but also the online operational effectiveness of a website. I’d like to say thank you to James and the team in Shoreditch – London.”

— Ben LLewellyn, WordPress Developer since 2006, wordpressdeveloperlondon.co.uk

“On the web, time is money. Our clients come to us because they want sites that drive sales and conversion. And WP Engine delivers the speed and expertise to help us deliver on that promise to our customers.”

— Sam Anthony, Co-Founder and Director of Development, TheSiteEdge

“I’m using WP Engine for a bit more than 2 months now and I can tell that I am very happy with it. Why? I love their support service, it is always quick, kind, professional and you feel that they’re doing their best to answer to your needs. It is as well very secure, that’s why I chose them, I feel that my website is very protected with them and receive once and a while updates from them that are telling me that they updated for example the last version of WordPress to keep my website at their best. I don’t have anything to do. Thanks WP Engine and stay as you are! I definitely recommend them!

— Valerie Nourissat, www.adventureintoflavours.com.

The Brands You Trust
Rely on WP Engine

“I was hosting somewhere else when all my clients’ sites were hacked. After days of cleanup, the sites were hacked once again. There was no apology given… not even a simple credit to my account, which would have helped to recoup some of the expense of those lost days. During that painful ordeal, WP Engine reached out to me. They offered stable, secure hosting that would accommodate all my clients. I’m on a first-name basis with many of their people, and I can confidently recommend their hosting service to my own members.

I have the peace of mind that comes from having an entire team on my side. These days, if something goes awry with a clients’ site, I simply open a ticket, and the excellent support team at WP Engine handles it… usually within minutes.”

— Shawn Hesketh WP101.com

“I used to run all my WordPress sites on a high spec managed and dedicated server which I rented from a top hosting provider. It was only after attending a WordCamp and listening to a discussion on WordPress scalability and security that I learned that even with the server I had, my sites were not as solid as I had thought. After many hours of research on optimized WordPress hosting I decided to try WP Engine.

“WP Engine has been amazing — all of my sites’ page load speeds increased by at least 42%. Support even during my trial period was impressive and personal. It gives me great comfort to know that what I now offer to my clients are backed by rock-solid technologies.”

— Jann Krynauw Tonik.pro

“After hosting several high traffic WordPress sites it’s a relief to come
to WP Engine. At SoundCloud we were looking for a hassle free provider
to set up our blogs at, which we found in these guys. Swift replies, but also
very open to feedback and eager to improve. Almost like unicorns!”

— Roel van der Ven, SoundCloud.com

I’ve really, really liked working with WP Engine and think what you guys are doing and offering are top notch. I’m not a WordPress or hosting expert by any stretch, but I’ve been around long enough to have a number of not so great experiences. WP Engine is delivering a great hosting experience all around. Thank you.”

— Andrew McCauley

Our website was going down all the time — our old webhost was a complete nightmare. The tech wizards at WP Engine helped us migrate our website in a matter of hours, with zero downtime. Page loads are now notably faster. We expect to rely on the team at WP Engine to host all of our WordPress sites.”

— Michael Cohn VP Marketing of CloudSherpas.com

Super easy migration as you guys did all the work for me (which I like). Experience before was a nightmare as my site crashed 3 times in two weeks. Since working with WP Engine my site has been running super-fast and never crashed once. I love the service!”

— Lewis Howes SportsNetworker.com

I have to say that ‘DAMN’ your support and customer service is good! No, really! I don’t know if you guy’s are spoiling me or that every other hosting service that I have used in 15 years were BAD! The difference so far has been like chalk and cheese, you can quote me!”

— Dave Stroud Strouds.co

Any serious WordPress site needs four things: security, speed, scalability, and service. Usually you can find a company that gives you one or two of these. Occasionally three, almost never four. WP Engine excels at all four. They are not just a hosting company, they are your partners in success.

“I’m always raving about them and give them my absolute best recommendation.On a scale of one to ten, I give them an eleven!

— Martin Buber Alberti thou.me and miraculous.me

The WP Engine support has been excellent. I now see the difference between paying $5 or $10 per month for hosting vs a group that charges $29+ but specializes in WordPress and delivers fast, reliable support.

“Well worth my investment.”

— Dr. Joe Kravitz www.dentalimplants.us

My site was under attack from a Distributed Denial of Service attack on my old shared host. I was getting 1.5 million requests per hour that took my site down and 20 other sites who were also hosting on the same server.

“It took the old host three days to identify the problem, and even then offered no real solution. I switched to WP Engine and within hours the DDOS was dealt with *and* my website was loading about four times faster.

“I definitely recommend WP Engine!”

— David Vogelpohl Marketingclique.com

I self-hosted WordPress for years until I started experiencing crashes every time a post made it to the first page of Hacker News. I switched to WP Engine right before speaking at a major event. Not only did my blog survive the traffic spike, but I’ve doubled the number of subscribers since then and haven’t experienced a single outage yet.

“It’s nice to pay someone to handle all the hosting BS that we’re no good at. They’re WordPress Pros.”

— Ash Maurya Author of Running Lean

After using upwards of 7 different hosting companies plus experiencing many other hosting environments with our clients I can say that for hosting WordPress websites, WP Engine is second to none.

All the team are extremely passionate and they are doing amazing things, I’m really keep to see where they are headed.

— Lachlan MacPherson www.sennza.com.au

WP Engine has amazing customer support, and if you contact these guys for anything (ask Trafton if he’ll marry you) they will respond quickly and friendly. One of WP Engine’s philosophies is, “Kicking ass at your job is the only salesforce we need,” and I think WP Engine exemplifies that.

After all is said and done, WP Engine is a solid host, and now my host of choice for any new web development projects I have.

— Eric Binnion Art of Blog

“I knew from the start that the #1 single most important decision would be the hosting provider. There’s loads of options out there and my business partner and I tested several of the key players in the market. Ultimately we went with WP Engine…while not the cheapest option out there, they offer the most impressive list of features. Add to that the quick responses we get from WP Engine’s support team and you’ve got a solid win.”

— Mason James, WPMU.org

Today, I am running 100% of this site on WP Engine’s WordPress hosting…and I love it. I seriously can’t rave about these guys enough. If you are in the market for the absolute best WordPress hosting available, then you need to take a look at these guys.

They simply offer the best WordPress hosting I know of.

— Mike Johnston CMSCritic.com

I’ve signed up and been blown away by the site speed. Been running WP site for over 3 years with well over 20 sites (although culling this soon) and I’ve never had a better host. The difference in speed alone makes switching to you worthwhile but I know you do a lot more. I first heard of your via Woo Themes after the nasty attack they had and they were singing your praises. Very impressed so far and it’s only early days.

— Paul Dack Tyson Software

Traditional Hosts: Beware of this new breed of hosting. WP Engine removes the need for a caching plugin. They’re faster than 97% of all websites tested by Pingdom. WP Engine enables your site to be as fast without the optimization tricks. Their support has earned an A+ in my book. The WP Engine staging area is a favorite of my development team, no more developing on a live platform. That gives them a hat trick.

— Nick Nelson Snickn.com

After switching to WP Engine we saw site response times improve drastically from an average of 2100 milliseconds to 210 ms. Our previous host experienced regular outages, but since moving over to WP Engine we’ve seen reliability improve to 99.99% up-time. We would recommend them to any businesses or WordPress users looking for a scalable, responsive and secure hosting solution.

— Aaron Mullally Public Storage Canada

We moved inboxtranslation.com to WPEngine because of downtime/sluggish performance that we experienced with the previous hosting provider. Not only do we now have top notch performance, but Google DOUBLED crawl rate, instantly!

— Flo Bejgu, Co-founder Inbox Translation

XUVO is dedicated to providing our customers with a fast and secure web experience, WP Engine allows us to do that without fail. We’re never leaving WP Engine.

— Killian Wells, Inventor, Founder, CEO XUVO

“In a world where milliseconds matter, WPEngine’s unmatched technology delivers WordPress sites at incredible speeds with incredible value. By bringing high technology to the masses, WPEngine is truly a pioneer in the WordPress industry.””

— Ryan Frankel, HostingAdvice.com.