When you log in to the User Portal today, you’ll be presented with the option to try the new Public Beta of our V2 User Portal. This is currently running at newmy.wpengine.com where you will see the brand new design for the WP Engine User Portal.

User Portal Screenshot

The dev team collaborated with our UI expert to completely re-design of the Portal’s UI. Along with the new design, and you will also notice the first set of several exciting new features we’re releasing this year. From today through the summertime, we’ll be releasing powerful new features inside the WP Engine User Portal that will make WordPress development and deployment even better and more user-friendly.

The Re-Design

Once you’re inside the User Portal, take a look around. The UI is cleaner, and more intuitive to use. You can easily create a new install and see the stats for a given install.

From within the portal, you can easily check the stats of your site, manage users, domains, redirects, and the like. Over the course of the coming months we’ll be rapidly iterating and adding awesome brand new features. Watch this space!

Ability to Copy from Staging to Production

WP Engine was the first to release a one-click Staging Area – a feature which empowers clients to clone their live site and obtain a staging site separate from their live (production) site.

The staging area was a huge benefit to customers, making it possible for developers to stage new code and designs to run tests prior to pushing those changes to the production site. No more, “doing it live” or “cowboy coding.”

In the past, moving content back from Staging to Production was not officially supported, but could be cajoled by first pulling the code down to your computer and then SFTP’ing or Git-Push’ing the changes up to the production site.

Today, along with the redesign of the User Portal, we’re also releasing the ability to deploy from Staging to Production with a click.

staging area screenshot

Specifically, this now creates the opportunity to stage radical changes to your site or blog – such as a new theme, new content, new widgets, etc. The feature refines the process where you can test your new look, and then push the changes back to production in one go. This avoids putting your site in maintenance mode and avoids half-broken sites as new widgets are added and themes configured, etc.

If you take a look inside your WP Dashboard at your staging area, you’ll see a brand new button that says, “Copy from Staging to Live.” It does exactly what it says.

Let’s say you’re staging the fancy and responsive TwentyThirteen theme, and you’ve decided you love it, it’s poetry, and you want to deploy it on production. All you have to do is go to the “Staging” tab in your WP Dashboard, and click on the “Copy from Staging to Live” button.
staging area button screenshot

Next, you’ll choose to move your staging database tables to production or not. The tables store your content, comments, links, etc. If your site has had content changes since you created this staging area, then you may not want to copy your staging tables to production because that would overwrite production tables. For example, if you’ve published new blog posts, or received new comments since you created the staging area, you don’t want to copy those tables.
screenshot of tables

The default setting is to not to move any tables. You can also chose to move all tables, or move a custom set of them. Unless you know which tables contain what content, we don’t recommend you start playing around with them.

But just in case, we automagically create a restore point for your site every time you copy from Staging to Production. If you need to roll changes back, you can. And remember, if you want to keep the files you just copied over, and only restore the tables with your content, the restore point lets you do that.

This feature is being rolled out across accounts and will be enabled on all sites by the end of next week. Please bear with us if your site does not yet have this functionality.

Awesome! What else do you have in store?

That’s just a glimpse of the new game-changing features we’re adding this year, each of which will be awesome in their own right. Some of the most powerful features in the User Portal aren’t live yet. Look for word on our blog (and elsewhere!) for new feature releases that will happen every two weeks until the summertime.

You can expect WP Engine to continue to drive a constant wave of innovation and to offer our clients new features that improve their WordPress experience, front to back.